Industry Trends

4 takeaways from ViVE ‘23

Industry Trends

Driving healthcare progress with equity, innovation, and momentum

4 takeaways from ViVE ‘23

We recently attended Vive ‘23 in Nashville with 7,500+ of our healthcare technology and provider peers. Vive brings digital health leaders, partners, and investors together to learn and grow. We found the presentations insightful and the personal connections we made valuable.

Key takeaways from Vive ‘23

1. urgency

The healthcare technology industry is moving with a sense of urgency. It was clear that providers, vendors, and investors aren’t waiting for things to happen, they are proactively addressing gaps and patients needs as soon as possible. The industry is working together to ensure consumers receive the best care possible.

2. equity

The generations-long, widening gap in health outcomes is a focus point for most organizations. Collaboration is happening across health systems and technology providers to address social determinants in order to close the health and wellness gap. Health equity is front and center, and the industry is working to enhance access for all.

3. innovation

Status quo and doing things the way they’ve always been done is not enough. Consumers are demanding more from care providers, and organizations are stepping up. Advances in care delivery, effective data use, and scaling better outcomes are creating new ways to solve old problems. 

4. momentum

Momentum is building the digital health space. The energy was palpable at the event. Large and small companies alike were uniting to innovate and drive change to create better healthcare experiences for all. The industry is gaining traction, and people are hungry for the solutions.

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