We help bring healthcare forward
by better connecting individuals and their families to care.


Our Vision


Our relationship with care should be a continuous journey—one in which people are meaningfully connected to the right service in the right place at the right time. We all should be able to access care with ease—informed and comforted—inside and outside of a doctor’s office. Cured works with providers of care to unify people, process, and technology to dramatically improve experiences, efficiencies, and outcomes for those in need. We bring care full circle. 

Our Approach


We Believe in 

People-Led Tech

It takes amazing teams to deliver great care, not just tech. Our approach to technology originates from a human point of view, mindful of the people who will interact with technology on all levels. We assemble complementary technologies to empower teams across the organization to be the best they can be.


We are

Rooted in Care

All our work is anchored in comprehensive experience navigating the complexities care providers face. The depth of this experience positions us to be uniquely able to integrate insider knowledge with the clarity and objectivity that comes from an outside perspective. We are deeply invested in identifying opportunities unique to those that influence care—payers, providers, employers—so the patient can focus on staying healthy and getting the care they need.

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We Champion

Comprehensive Care

Care is more than the sum of its parts. Cured works with the nation’s leading health systems to build unparalleled relationships with individuals and their families—inside and outside of the walls of a hospital. We believe that to meaningfully improve the complete patient experience, you need to comprehensively address the processes, people and technologies that support that experience.