Cured Platform

precisely target patients to boost engagement and outcomes

Cured Platform

Take the guesswork out of defining audiences by using machine learning to predict each contact’s propensity score

precisely target patients to boost engagement and outcomes

Precisely targeting the right patients can be very difficult. In healthcare, data can be disjointed and unusable, resources can be strained across initiatives, and you may be working to reduce costs.  However, it’s more important than ever to reach patients with the communications they need to improve outcomes for them and your healthcare organization. Using our propensity scores to enhance digital marketing enables you to focus your marketing spend to effectively increase patient engagement and boost your team’s productivity.

eliminate the guesswork of audience building 

Our proprietary propensity models take the guesswork out of defining audiences by using machine learning to predict each person’s propensity to consume care in a specific service line or to convert from a prospect into a patient. Our models leverage machine learning to uncover patterns in your health system's first-party and relevant third-party data. The key here is that we use data from your health system - real patients, real encounters - in conjunction with third-party data to drive our propensity modeling. Unlike other propensity modeling products on the market that use only third-party data, our data is specific to your region and your patient base, allowing for accurate, insightful, and actionable models that not only score your contacts but also provide you insights into your audience and drive conversion. Our propensity models can blend models from other health systems when there are gaps in data, ensuring you have what you need to target patients effectively. 

effectively target and personalize your outreach 

Our models can be leveraged in several ways to effectively target your outreach. Most propensity use cases consider targeting specific groups who have a high propensity to consume a specific kind of care, driving tighter segmentation and more accurate personalization, but propensity scoring can also be effectively used to hedge against the negative outcomes of over-saturation. We have found through analysis of past campaigns with various customers that targeting a high-propensity group can improve click-through rate by up to 35% percent*, and excluding a low-propensity group can cut unsubscribes by up to 22.2% percent**.

customer spotlight 

A few of our clients already incorporate propensity models into their marketing strategies. Customers like UCHealth, leverage our cardiology propensity models to target communications and outreach to individuals who are most likely to consume Cardiology services - driving tighter segmentation and personalization. Using the cardiology propensity model, we will target UCHealth patients and prospects who meet and exceed a certain propensity threshold, thereby providing cardiology information to patients and prospects who are most likely to find that information useful. The goal is to improve patient outcomes by increasing the number of cardiology-related screenings and appointments for those who need them.

We partnered with UCHealth to develop this strategy by first outlining key opportunities for targeting with propensity scoring and then working together to build a statistically significant A/B test before launching to evaluate whether or not the propensity to consume the service directly correlates to engagement. This accomplishes a few key goals: healthcare marketers get excited about the acquisition: creating look-alike audiences and cross-selling to patients, and we have the opportunity to understand how the models look at existing patients and uncover trends (why they come to you) and then use that to build the audience that best fits the strategic need.

boost engagement to drive patient outcomes 

You get a lot in a small package with our propensity scores. We combine disparate data sources, using clinical, engagement, and demographic data from both first and third-party sources to uncover insights about your contacts and build the most efficient segmentation and personalization tool in your toolbox. We’ll tailor the scores to your health system, service line needs, and contacts so everyone receives what they need. Your audience gets exactly the information that is relevant to them, and you boost engagement while simultaneously lowering saturation and unsubscribes. 

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*Simulated UCHealth Cardiac Seniors campaign A/B test results sending to the top 10% of propensity scores.

** Simulated UCHealth Orthopedic campaign A/B test results excluding bottom 10% of propensity scores.

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