build consumer loyalty with patient retention Curations


build consumer loyalty with patient retention Curations

build consumer loyalty with patient retention Curations

The assumption that patients who have interacted with your healthcare organization will stay forever without considering other options is the way of the past. Now that finding a new health provider is a few clicks away, healthcare organizations must make an effort to engage their patients in a way that creates value and strengthens their provider-patient relationship. 

‘Curations’ are Cured’s solution for creating that lasting relationship. Leveraging digital channels, Curations are automated, pre-built healthcare campaigns that include suggested segmentation, personalization recommendations, and content proven to convert.

The Curations featured below leverage electronic medical record (EMR) data to deliver pertinent and personalized messaging to drive retention with your patients.

new patient welcome series

It is crucial for healthcare organizations to digitally engage patients when they first enter the system to further connect them to the organization. Cured believes the new patient welcome series is essential to start building loyalty among patients and drive them to take the next best action.

  • success metrics: appointments scheduled (PCP and service line), patient portal activations, patient portal logins, app downloads
  • complexity:  ⭐⭐ medium  
  • inputs: email address, MRN create date, first encounter department
  • segment: new patients who recently entered healthcare organization
  • personalized content: service line-specific content

patient portal sign-up reminders

A patient portal is one of the main ways that patients interact with a healthcare organization. When it comes to driving retention among patients, patient portal downloads and adoption are key metrics to monitor. The Patient Portal Sign-Up Reminder Curation targets patients who have not yet activated their patient and sends them a reminder to do so.

  • success metrics: patient portal activations, app downloads
  • complexity: ⭐ low 
  • inputs: email address, MRN create date, patient portal activation status
  • segment: all patients who haven’t activated their patient portal
  • personalized content: timely messaging based on MRN create date to ensure new patients download patient portal

medicare communications 

As patients age into Medicare, they should be aware of the services available to them. Medicare enrollment periods are opportunities to digitally engage with eligible patients and encourage them to take action by enrolling in benefits. The Medicare Curation series both makes patients aware of their enrollment period, explains the value of Medicare, and reminds them to enroll if they had not already done so. 

  • success metrics: scheduled annual wellness visits
  • complexity: ⭐ low 
  • inputs: email address, age, birthdate
  • segment: patients over the age of 65 who have not enrolled in medicare 
  • personalized content: birthday and age specific content

why curations? 

80% of the work is done for you! Your marketing teams can implement, maintain, and optimize campaigns without ongoing, time-consuming development. Curations offer a verified campaign strategy, audience recommendations, content proven to convert, and advanced layouts to drive engagement. Marketing teams can focus on driving growth and loyalty for your healthcare organization. Curation results are measurable and provide actionable insights into impact and patient outcomes

ready to have 80+ curations at your fingertips? see how.

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