Case Study

how RootsMD leverages patient engagement to fuel loyalty

Case Study

RootsMD is driving growth and retention with strategic digital marketing initiatives

how RootsMD leverages patient engagement to fuel loyalty

Amanda Preimesberger, MD, owner and primary physician at RootsMD, set out to ensure patients receive communications in line with the practice’s brand. That meant no more communications without the RootsMD personality. Instead, Dr. Preimesberger wanted to build patient loyalty with engaging digital marketing outreach. That’s when she found Cured.

launching digital marketing

When she began working with Cured, she had basic email and text capabilities but saw opportunity for improvement. “I was at ground zero,” Dr. Preimesberger said, “ready to move on from ‘vanilla’ communications with no personality but not sure how.” Building the right foundation to engage patients and build loyalty was important for her.

RootsMD’s mission is to improve health and care for the greater Madison, WI area. Implementing Cured’s digital marketing platform empowered Dr. Preimesberger with a powerful tool to create a consistent experience with the mission and brand at the center. To create powerful and personalized outreach, Cured integrated with RootsMD’s electronic health record (EHR). This integration enabled the launch of the first series of targeted marketing campaigns. Cured provided guidance on audience segmentation, email design, and marketing strategy. Dr. Preimesberger was ready to share her brand with patients, “I was finally able to customize the look and feel and voice of the messages going out to my patients.” And, her patients loved it!

campaign performance exceeding expectations

Using Cured’s powerful analytics, Dr. Preimesberger was able 
 to track campaign results – and the results did not disappoint, each launch exceeded healthcare marketing benchmarks.

Not only can Dr. Preimesberger see email metrics, but she can also see engagement trends with her content. RootsMD’s monthly newsletters highlighting key updates and important health reminders (e.g., COVID vaccine updates) have particularly resonated with her patients. Dr. Preimesberger's goal is to keep the messages patient-centered, “I think patients are looking for those quick accessible pearls - things I might tell them if I was right there in the room with them.”

Cured has been a trusted partner in bringing care 
full circle with Dr. Preimesberger. “The whole Cured team is fantastic about being proactive,” she shared. RootsMD patients are now engaged effectively with consistent digital marketing campaigns.“Cured’s helping meet whatever goals I have,” said Dr. Preimesberger.

Cured’s mission is to bring healthcare full circle by providing this level of personalized “accessible pearls” to your patient population. The first purpose-built healthcare digital marketing & CRM solution.

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