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5 signs it's time to change your marketing platform

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From paying for too many features to outdated technology, here are five sure signs that it’s time to change your marketing platform.

5 signs it's time to change your marketing platform

As the year comes to a close and budgets reset at many organizations, now is the time to re-evaluate your CRM and marketing tools to ensure they’re worth the expense. From too many features to not enough support, here are five tried and true signs that your marketing tool may be falling short. 

1. too many features or multiple tools

Every healthcare marketer needs a specific and similar set of tools for campaign execution and tracking. Unfortunately, this leads to many healthcare organizations spending money on multiple platforms to gain access to the one piece of each they need. Alternatively, some organizations may go for a huge CRM or marketing tool but end up paying for a lot of additional features that are going unused. Healthcare organizations can save on marketing expenditure and headcount by selecting a tool that includes all of and only the features you need. The Cured platform is designed specifically and exclusively for healthcare marketers, with the end-to-end tools required for marketing, from data segmentation and content creation to tracking campaign performance. Using a platform like Cured allows you to pay only for the tools you need and to access them all in one place.

2. features take months to release

If you’re still waiting for a new feature or bug fix promised months ago, it may be time to re-evaluate your marketing platform. Working with a marketing provider that adds new features on a consistent, rolling basis will help ensure your marketing program runs smoothly. Not only will regular updates prevent delays in campaigns or sends caused by a bug, but it will allow you to keep a competitive edge by leveraging new tools that will shorten time to value and drive ROI. If features are continually released, you can have confidence that your program is outfitted with the newest technologies and strategies. 

3. outdated technology

Many marketing platforms aren’t created with the modern marketer in mind. Today’s patients expect consistent, convenient, omnichannel marketing personalized to their specific needs and healthcare journey. In the ever changing healthcare landscape, marketer’s need to be agile and have control over their campaigns. They need self-serve tools instead of long turn around times working with a third party. Many platforms don’t cater to this need or incorporate modern tools like AI, automation, and propensity scoring for personalized segmentation. The Cured platform offers seamless multi-channel marketing by applying machine learning algorithms, AI, and automation to make the patient journey as tailored and smooth as possible.

4. support is lacking

Even if a CRM or marketing automation tool is mainly straightforward and works smoothly, it may be time to reassess your options if the tool does not come with access to a support team. The lack of dedicated support becomes a challenge for healthcare marketers when they need a quick fix and are on a time crunch for sending out a campaign. Furthermore, an issue surrounding data management or cleanliness can quickly become a compliance or security issue. To avoid this risk, working with a marketing provider with dedicated support for your needs is essential. 

5. requires a specialized skill set to use

It’s not uncommon for a CRM or marketing platform to require special skills to upload, clean, and sort data. If your marketing tool does not allow for easy data uploads, integrations, or cleaning, completing these tasks can be a pretty manual and tedious process. Often, this means you have to lean on an in-house team member for any data-related needs or even have to put in a request to IT for every upload. This leads to longer times for campaign creation and increased cost for email marketing. Switching to a platform that automatically uploads your data, cleans it, and puts it in a state usable for email marketing will save you endless headaches and minimize FTE for the related skillset. 

CRM and marketing tools take up a lot of a healthcare marketer's budget, so evaluating if you’re getting the best performance for the costis essential. Your marketing program will thrive with a marketing tool that leverages modern technology, has a solid support system, and features that support the entire end-to-end buyer journey.

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