Cured Platform

industry-leading propensity scoring to maximize patient growth

Cured Platform

maximize patient acquisition and engagement with industry-leading propensity scoring

industry-leading propensity scoring to maximize patient growth

Routine and preventative care is down 11%+ nationwide (60%+ in some geographies). Health systems and providers are critical in driving individuals towards that care, but how do you encourage your patients to engage in those services? Let’s say you want some of your patients to schedule a preventative cardiology screening. How do you define that audience? Do you use age? Do you use gender? Do you just send it to everyone? Do you use some combination of all that and do a/b testing? Marketers face a constant challenge when identifying audiences most likely to convert. Our propensity scoring allows healthcare marketers to evaluate existing, known patient behavior and consumption to uncover trends and find signals to predict engagement. 

target the right audience with the right message to protect your reputation while boosting ROI

Cured's proprietary machine learning models calibrate your actual patient population and their historical consumption for a more accurate prediction. This functionality enables you to create precise audience segments and reach additional prospective or known patients to develop better engagement that improves outcomes, drives loyalty, and generates more revenue. 

By applying this strategy, you maximize marketing campaign return on investment (ROI) by identifying audiences with the highest likelihood of conversion. Improved targeting protects your reputation by ensuring the content you send will resonate with consumers, helping you avoid losing subscribers that receive unwanted or irrelevant content.  Email and SMS messaging are highly effective and inexpensive approaches that offer a personalized solution to interact with the right audience. These platform features will allow you to improve conversion against your campaigns and, more importantly, improve the health outcomes of your population as you encourage your patients to engage in proactive (and often covered, preventative) care.

reduce marketing effort while boosting patient engagement 

Proprietary machine-learning methods evaluate your patients’ and prospects’ clinical, engagement, and demographic data to model and score your entire active population. A significant advantage of using our propensity scores is simplifying your segmentation to one single score. By using first-party data to build the propensity score, you avoid the common pitfalls of third-party data. Third-party data is aggregated and unable to be used to message recipients directly. You no longer need to consider age, gender, location, or financial information. The model uses those factors to create the score, and audience creation is as simple as filtering against one field–  the propensity score.

These scores span a variety of major service lines: cardiology, orthopedics, and gastroenterology– as well as broader scores dedicated to lead evaluation or enrollment likelihood for new digital services (e.g., virtual care). Each of these scores allows you to create precise campaigns that focus on conversion and create tangible methods to drive retention and loyalty. A highly engaged, loyal, and proactive patient base will create better health outcomes for all. Those improved outcomes mean better retention, more revenue, greater brand value, and an improved patient experience.

strategy in practice

how we partner with our customers to use propensity scores for campaign development and deployment

In our example, targeting patients using propensity scores for cardiology screenings leads to better engagement with the campaign, healthier outcomes, and stronger retention. We work with our customers to analyze two to three years of encounters data. In doing so, we take steps to de-identify the information, ensuring that we align to the highest security and compliance standards, leveraging the data to train our machine learning models. Data is re-identified upon application to an individual record in the customer’s Cured platform instance.

As the data work is in process, we recommend building a campaign, or curation, from our pre-built list that effectively educates your target audience about applicable services, preventative education, and heart health programs (e.g., healthy eating, exercise, health risk assessments). Whether leveraging our pre-built content and creative in Curations or a customer’s custom assets, we ensure that the messaging is effective, accessible, and centered around clear and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs).

We provide the following best practices to our customers when designing and deploying campaigns that leverage propensity modeling: 

  • Propensity threshold - Leverage model outputs to identify a propensity threshold for those most likely to engage to be leveraged in the audience and segmentation definition. 
  • A/B testing - Define an audience that allows you to measure the statistical significance of messaging performance delivered to the generated audiences leveraging propensity scores vs. segmentation strategies. 
  • Reporting - Use in-application reporting to measure performance and ROI, while identifying opportunities for ongoing campaign optimization.
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