august campaigns for a healthy back-to-school season


august healthcare marketing campaign ideas

august campaigns for a healthy back-to-school season

Summer is coming to a close, and it’s time to prepare your patients for a healthy back-to-school transition. This time of year is chaotic for many families, and getting required vaccines and physicals scheduled may be a low priority. Patients look to their healthcare providers to supply education and opportunities to schedule these appointments.

As a healthcare marketer, you can provide appropriate vaccine recommendations for various ages and streamline the appointment process. For busy families juggling work and school, it’s easy to fall into convenience-driven routines like fast-food and screen time to make it through the day. Now is an opportunity to use marketing campaigns to encourage healthy habits for the back-to-school season. Suggest fun outdoor activities like pickleball, farmers' markets for cheaper produce, and 5-minute or less healthy snack alternatives.

Most children are on the move, whether they play organized sports or not, and August is prime time for sports physicals. For patients in formal athletics, sports physicals are required before beginning training, so your patients will be grateful for tips to help them quickly check this off the to-do list. Remind patients of the forms needed for a sports physical, that the AAP recommends making appointments at least 6-8 weeks before starting a season, and why these appointments are valuable to protecting their children’s bones and joints. Remember to create similar campaigns for college-age patients, as many are active and need sports physicals, whether on an accredited team or not. 

This time of year is a huge opportunity to position your healthcare organization as a leader in education and care. Stay ahead of the curve with our campaign ideas!

back-to-school season campaign ideas

Here are suggested campaigns to prepare your consumers for summer fun with tips and reminders about summer health:

  • Vaccine awareness and reminders
  • Sports physical reminder
  • Back-to-school healthy habits
  • Pediatrician primary care reminder

Let’s look deeper at the sports physical reminder:

  • success metric: sports physical appointment scheduled
  • complexity:  ⭐ easy
  • audience: K-12 and college-age patients
  • inputs: email address, age, last sports physical date 

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