curation highlight: drive retention with your patients


drive retention and create loyalty with your patients

curation highlight: drive retention with your patients

Building lasting, meaningful relationships with patients benefits both patients and providers alike. These relationships are a win-win. Organizations that retain and grow existing patient relationships see a broader volume of individuals hitting critical preventative health milestones and pay dividends in maintaining life-long health and wellness.

Digital channels, specifically email and SMS, drive necessary retention and expansion initiatives and boost marketing efforts while building these relationships. These interactions lay the foundation for consumer advocates to bring additional growth to healthcare organizations. 

Enterprise retailers led the way in showing the importance of lasting customer relationships. Top-tier brands cultivate strong customer relationships and protect them for a good reason — retention marketing programs are often more effective and less costly than customer acquisition programs at maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV). The same is true for healthcare organizations. The adage that it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones is true, according to Adrienne Boissy, Chief Customer Experience Officer at the Cleveland Clinic. She says it costs 7x more to bring a lapsed patient back into their health system than to retain and build upon existing patient relationships. 

Email is one of the most successful digital channels for creating loyal consumer bases. It’s cost-effective and efficient, and many health systems underutilize it giving you a way to get ahead of the competition. Healthcare organizations should focus on maximizing LTV through email retention marketing. At Cured, we’ve built a portfolio of retention marketing Curations that aim to drive specific engagements across the consumer experience to increase patient retention, reduce attrition, and ultimately drive long-term value to both consumers and healthcare organizations. 

This month, we’d like to highlight a few of those Curations: 

annual wellness visit scheduling reminders

Patients with primary care relationships see significantly better health outcomes, while health systems see exponentially more revenue throughout a patient relationship. The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) Curation offers a series of email and SMS communications that reduce AWV attrition and ensure patients engagement with their system. 

  • success metric: scheduled visits following send engagement, AWV attrition rates
  • complexity: ⭐ low 
  • inputs: email address, upcoming annual wellness visit date, last annual wellness visit date, mobile phone, preferred channel 
  • segment: patients without an upcoming annual wellness visit date in the future
  • personalized content: personalize emails to include relevant information related to demographic concerns and include primary care contact information

post-visit surveys and feedback 

As more organizations embrace the value of zero- and first-party data, post-visit surveys capture valuable earned data that can help improve patient experience and measure the success of marketing and patient communications more broadly. 

  • success metrics: NPS/CSAT, survey-response rate
  • complexity: ⭐⭐ medium 
  • inputs: email address, encounter date, encounter status, additional filters as needed (visit type, department name/specialty, etc.)
  • segment: ambulatory encounters, inclusive of specific visit types
  • personalized content: surveys are excellent opportunities to leverage interactive email components. Personalize surveys based on: department name, visit type, financial class, demographic attributes

mammography screening reminders 

Routine cancer screenings provide valuable preventative care touch points for patients. They also enable health systems to demonstrate value and develop deeper relationships with existing patients. Cured’s mammography screening Curation is one such touchpoint, a communication to women at risk of missing their routine mammography screening.  

  • success metric: screenings scheduled following send engagement
  • complexity: ⭐ low 
  • inputs: email addresses, upcoming mammography screen date, last mammography screen date, mastectomy procedure, breast cancer diagnosis
  • segment: women at risk of missing their routine mammography screening who haven’t had a mastectomy and haven’t been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • personalized content: personalize content with demographic attributes 

why curations? 

80% of the work is done for you! Your marketing teams can implement, maintain, and optimize campaigns without ongoing, time-consuming development. Curations offer a verified campaign strategy, audience recommendations, content proven to convert, and advanced layouts to drive engagement. Marketing teams can focus on driving growth and loyalty for your healthcare organization. Curation results are measurable and provide actionable insights into impact and patient outcomes

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