acquire and convert new patients with service awareness curations


Educating patients about the different services your health system offers is critical to ensuring patients have access to the right kinds of care.

acquire and convert new patients with service awareness curations

Our service awareness Curations span several different use cases, but all drive the same outcome: increasing patient engagement by offering services related to their health profile. These journeys are patient-centered and behavior-driven, designed to provide consumers with a personalized and user-friendly experience.

This month, we’d like to highlight a few of these Curations:

urgent care follow-up

The primary care relationship between a patient and a health system is vital to drive long-term patient health benefits and meaningful relationships with your healthcare organization. When patients use urgent care or emergency services but don’t have a primary care physician (PCP), it’s an opportune time to establish that relationship. Send the urgent care follow-up Curation to individuals who have visited an urgent care clinic but don’t have a primary care relationship with a health system. In addition to soliciting feedback on their recent visit, the Curation highlights the value of a primary care relationship and encourages patients to schedule an annual wellness visit.

Convert urgent care entrants to primary care patients.

  • success metric: appointments scheduled, PCP adoption
  • complexity:  ⭐⭐ medium  
  • inputs: email address, last urgent care visit date, primary care provider
  • segment: individuals who entered via urgent care

flu vaccine awareness

Vaccine awareness emails are an excellent way to raise awareness of patient vaccination needs while facilitating onsite visits. The flu vaccination Curation aims to increase the number of patients vaccinated for the flu. We recommend two reminders, the first educational, sent in the late Summer informing patients on why to get vaccinated and how. The second reminder, sent later in the Fall to nudge those who have not received a flu vaccination.

Drive awareness of flu shots and drive appointment visits.

  • success metrics: number of flu shots scheduled, number of flu shots completed
  • complexity: ⭐ low 
  • inputs: email address, MRN, upcoming flu shot date, last flu shot date
  • segment: all patients who haven’t received a flu shot
  • personalized content: facility information

seasonal messaging

Seasonal messaging helps your health system stay top of mind with patients and non-patients alike. These communications deliver relevant and timely health information to audience members and direct them to relevant resources. Seasonal messaging should be curated around the calendar, marking significant health events and occasions throughout the calendar year.

Deliver timely and relevant health information to patients and prospects.

  • success metric: website visits
  • complexity: ⭐ low 
  • inputs: email address
  • segment: patients and non-patients
  • personalized content: age-specific content

labor and delivery to pediatrics

The Labor and Delivery to Pediatrics campaign encourages Labor and Delivery (L&D) patients to find pediatricians within their health system at key points during the L&D process. This Curation includes a series of three emails, one sent to patients every trimester, each with trimester-specific messaging and content and calls to action to register for classes, read educational content, and evaluate your health system’s Pediatrics department. This Curation is particularly impactful when delivering value for existing patients and acquiring new ones.

Convert labor and delivery patients to Pediatrics adoption.

  • success metric: pediatrics conversion, class and events conversions
  • complexity: ⭐⭐⭐ high 
  • inputs: email address, pregnancy flag, due date, last OBGYN appointment
  • segment: patients of the labor and delivery department
  • personalized content: trimester-specific content

why curations? 

80% of the work is done for you! Your marketing teams can implement, maintain, and optimize campaigns without ongoing, time-consuming development. Curations offer a verified campaign strategy, audience recommendations, content proven to convert, and advanced layouts to drive engagement. Marketing teams can focus on driving growth and loyalty for your healthcare organization. Curation results are measurable and provide actionable insights into impact and patient outcomes

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