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data-driven digital marketing: introducing consumer 360

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Optimize the patient experience with Consumer 360's  practical insights into patient behavior, demographics, and clinical factors

data-driven digital marketing: introducing consumer 360

The right data allows for a deep understanding of your patients and prospects, forming a foundation for lasting relationships. At Cured we’ve always placed a high value on making data accessible and easy to use to unlock segmentation and powerful communications. With the recent acquisition of Cured by Innovaccer our data capabilities have become even more powerful. Leveraging Innovaccer’s rich experience with patient data and combining it with Cured’s marketing data, we are excited to announce one of our newest platform capabilities - Consumer 360.

Consumer 360 is a pioneering tool that harnesses the power of data to give practical insights into patient behavior, demographics, and clinical factors. This data allows marketers to create meaningful connections by providing a holistic view of who their consumers are and how to best communicate with them. Read on to learn more about the data that powers Consumer 360 and how it enables healthcare organizations to deliver the healthcare experiences that consumers demand. 

holistic data for the patient experience 

Consumer 360 is a holistic approach to consumer data powered by the Customer Data Platform (CDP). The CDP acts as a central hub, combining EMR clinical data, Experian third-party and demographic information, and consumer engagement data to create a detailed profile of an individual. Our collection of over 80 pre-built data integrations enables this to work seamlessly, allowing marketers to easily pull in data from various sources. Our data model weaves together the various data sources to create a singular profile called Consumer 360. This view enables marketers to learn about consumers' preferences, activities, and engagement styles and tailor communication for maximum impact.

What makes Consumer 360 so powerful is the combination of data pulled from the CDP, including high-level clinical factors, demographic information, and engagement preferences. Access to this data creates an opportunity for collaboration across multiple pillars of your healthcare organization. Marketers can work alongside care managers and population health teams to assess and apply this data most effectively. Patients receive the best care experience possible when each of these teams can work cross-functionally based on data views from Consumer 360. Traditionally, marketers have to go through lengthy IT requests or other tedious processes to collect anywhere near this amount of data into their patient audience, let alone to sort it into a usable state. Leveraging Consumer 360 allows for a simplified workflow that provides the best-in-class care experience.

elevating care through data insight

clinical data

Consumer 360 data pulled from your EMR includes clinical information that provides insight into your consumers' medical history. This vital information allows you to identify gaps in care and know what campaigns can help educate and encourage action. For example, if a patient has missed an annual wellness appointment or just had a birthday that signifies they may need a new preventative screening, you can create campaigns to target these needs. Knowing where and how care is needed allows marketers to bridge the gap between provider and patient experience.

Experian data

Data pulled into Consumer 360 by Experian helps build a persona for each consumer based on their demographics and interests. This third-party data on consumer activities and interests allows markets to honestly know who their contacts are and how to segment them accordingly. If you discover that 60% of your population enjoys winter sports, you can craft a campaign highlighting the importance of safely enjoying these activities and where to go when care is needed. Perhaps many of your consumers live in a specific zip code, making it essential to highlight local destinations for care or community. 

The Experian data in Consumer 360 also gives unparalleled insight into social determinants of health (SDOH), allowing for an even deeper look at individual situations that affect care needs. This data is invaluable for closing the gap between population health and marketing teams. Population health teams can use this data to identify where care needs are in your patient population and then collaborate with marketers to create campaigns that help meet these needs.

engagement data

Engagement data informs marketers on how consumers want to interact with their health system. This can be data on a patient's preferred communication channels, such as email or SMS. For example, decide who to send an SMS campaign to based on who has shown a preference for this channel of communication.

Consumer 360 also contains data on how contacts have interacted with past communications from your organization tracking metrics such as visits, clicks, or opens. These metrics are collected across your website and email campaigns and are then pulled into Consumer 360 to be used for audience segmentation. The data on previous content engagement allows you to learn from past successes and leverage those for higher ROI in the future. Base your new campaign strategy on these trends, and your engagement will soar. You can also apply the data from previous content engagement when segmenting audiences to ensure you send only to the most engaged recipients.

Leveraging data-driven insights leads to better marketing and care outcomes. Consumer 360 empowers healthcare marketers to navigate the intricate landscape of data-driven campaigns. This tool is not just about data; it's about understanding, connecting, and creating meaningful patient experiences.

the intelligent healthcare experience platform (HXP)

We are proud to introduce the intelligent healthcare experience platform (HXP) designed with healthcare consumers at the center. The solution for every step of the patient journey, the HXP is more than a CRM. Our platform includes tools for everything from market intelligence and data integration to contact center solutions and AI integrations, simplifying the healthcare journey at every step. While health care is necessary, the hassle is not. Learn more about our recent partnership with Innovaccer and the future of our healthcare experience platform here. 

digital marketing that fuels patient growth and loyalty

The Cured Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP) equips you with pre-built campaigns, strategies, and tools like Consumer 360 to make each patient feel uniquely valued.

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