elevate the patient experience with February campaigns


See our February campaign ideas to inspire healthy choices and create a best-in-class patient experience

elevate the patient experience with February campaigns

As the calendar turns to February, the month of love and warmth, it's an ideal time to help patients extend that love to their health while improving the patient experience. February brings unique opportunities to focus on heart health, encourage wise healthcare consumerism, and enhance overall health literacy.

February is Wise Healthcare Consumer Month, making it the perfect time to encourage your audience to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Offer valuable insights on navigating the healthcare landscape, with educational campaigns on when to go to the ER instead of Urgent Care or what types of services are considered preventative care. Improve patient’s experience at doctor's appointments by sending lists of good questions to ask at a checkup or what to bring to an annual health exam. Encourage health literacy by sending campaigns that break down common medical terms into understandable language, including glossaries, infographics, or videos. Inspire your patients to proactively manage their health, advocate for themselves, and seek second opinions when needed. Sending campaigns that can foster wise healthcare consumerism will improve your patients’ care experiences while building trust for your healthcare organization.

Heart Health Month also lands in February and is an opportunity to spotlight the importance of cardiovascular well-being. Share tips for heart-healthy lifestyles, stats on the importance of regular exercise, and ideas for maintaining a balanced diet. Use your reach as a healthcare marketer to help patients struggling with cardiovascular health to make long-term positive changes. Include information for programs like the MyFitnessPal Community or Weight Watchers, where patients can easily sign up for support or nutritional advice. Promote heart-healthy events in your local community, like fun runs or 5Ks, free workout classes, or farmers markets. Use the power of your digital marketing to inspire heart-healthy living for February and beyond.

As a healthcare marketer, February holds many chances to inspire healthy choices and create a best-in-class patient experience. Use your content to help patients embrace wellness, make informed decisions as healthcare consumers, and prioritize their heart health. By creating campaigns that include actionable ideas, educational content, and support, you can guide patients toward a life of improved wellness while creating a standout healthcare experience.

February campaigns

Here are suggested campaigns for February health:

  • Wise Healthcare Consumer Month
  • Questions to Ask at Your Next Doctor's Appointment
  • Improve Your Health Literacy: Common Terms Doctors Want You to Know
  • Heart Health Month

Let’s look deeper at the Questions to Ask at Your Next Doctor’s Appointment campaign:

  • success metric: clicks and opens
  • complexity:  ⭐ easy
  • audience: patients age 18+
  • inputs: email address, first name

Questions to include:

  1. What screenings or tests are recommended for someone my age and health profile?
  2. Are there any changes I should make to my diet or exercise routine?
  3. Can we discuss my current medications and any potential interactions or side effects?
  4. What can I do to improve my mental health and manage stress?
  5. Are there any preventive measures I should consider based on my family history?

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