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hold customer interest with cured's autoresponder

Cured Platform

utilize automated follow-ups to capture lead and customer attention

hold customer interest with cured's autoresponder

In a world of fleeting attention spans, healthcare marketers must take quick action to capture and retain patient interest. As of 2018, more than half of all physicians and 72 percent of hospitals fall within a health system (HealthAffairs). Given the consolidating healthcare landscape, it’s more vital than ever to shorten the transition from leads to loyal patients. Generating automated responses based on customer actions is one of the most impactful ways to bridge this time-sensitive gap and drive growth and retention for your healthcare organization.

Fast follow-ups keep a user moving through the purchase funnel by driving more action with relevant information and prompts for next steps. For example, if a lead expresses their interest by signing up for a newsletter or requesting more information on certain healthcare services, quickly responding with relevant calls to action can make or break the likelihood of a conversion. With an autoresponder tool, you can ensure that there’s no gap between an interaction and follow-up, driving more patient acquisition.

Automated sends are also extremely useful for inspiring loyalty with current patient audiences. Incorporate rapid, relevant patient follow-ups after an appointment or after an action is taken on your website. Providing automated responses with appointment confirmations, directions, and what to expect creates a seamless and trusted care experience. An autoresponder is also a great way to incorporate additional educational or upsell calls to action (CTAs) by including them in automated email responses.

automate follow-ups with Cured 

The Cured autoresponder makes swift responses a breeze for patient engagement and lead conversion. An automated follow-up is triggered by a specified audience criteria being met, for example, if an interested party fills out a webform. Data is ingested constantly in the platform, allowing these sends to happen continually, driving rapid conversion. Whether the autoresponder is for a simple 'thank you' message after a webform is filled out or a detailed appointment confirmation, we keep patient and lead data separate, organized, and easily accessible, allowing all buyer journeys to be engaged in one platform.

Our partners at HonorHealth utilized our autoresponder as a follow-up for webform fills. The simple confirmation email resulted in an impressive 60% open rate and 11% click-through rate, coming in at 30 percentage points above industry average.

In the competitive landscape of healthcare marketing, every moment counts. Our autoresponder ensures you never miss a beat and drives conversions and patient loyalty at every stage of the lead journey. Swiftly responding to interested parties shortens the time to conversion and strengthens your position in the healthcare market, helping you achieve a competitive edge. 

fuel patient acquisition and loyalty with Cured

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