best practices

increase engagement with ‘from name’ best practices

best practices

Use the 'from name' to engage recipients and drive conversion for your healthcare organization.

increase engagement with ‘from name’ best practices

what is the ‘from name’?

When you send an email, the 'from name' tells recipients who is sending the message. 'From name' seems like a small detail, but a recipient's recognition of the sender is the first step on their journey of opening your email, learning more about your offering, taking the defined action, and eventually becoming a loyal patient of your healthcare organization. 

‘From names’ significantly impact open rates and are not a subject to gloss over. Studies show that open rates are more affected by the 'from name' than subject lines. Successfully guide and build lasting relationships with your patients with Cured’s tips and recommendations.

our recommendations

1 - keep it simple and accurate

An essential factor in determining a 'from name' is accuracy, mandated by email regulations like CAN-SPAM. Misidentifying your 'from name' can land your emails in SPAM, so before optimizing your 'from name,' make sure that it is both accurate and representative of your business or brand.

2 - test, test, test

A/B testing is an email marketer’s close friend. A/B testing is a method used to test two versions of a marketing asset (in this case, two different ‘from names’ to determine which one resonates best with an audience. Overall, constant testing and refining will give you deeper insight into your audience, ultimately improving your email marketing program. 

3 - use 'from name' to support your send

Great marketers use audience segmentation and personalization to ensure their readers receive the most important and relevant information. Altering your 'from name' is a way to customize your sends while informing readers that your message is relevant to them. Below are a few examples where alternative ‘from names’ are appropriate.

'from name' examples

Here are a series of customized ‘from names’ that support the purpose of the email. 

sending your monthly email newsletter to patients and non-patients

  • ‘From Name’: Sarah from Socratic Health
  • Subject Line: Your monthly newsletter from Socratic Health

reminding patients to schedule their second covid shot

  • ‘From Name’: Socratic Health
  • Subject Line: One down, one to go

confirming a patient’s upcoming cardiology appointment

  • ‘From Name’: Socratic Health Heart Center
  • Subject Line: We look forward to seeing you
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