July Healthcare Marketing Campaign Ideas


July healthcare marketing campaign ideas

July Healthcare Marketing Campaign Ideas

For many, the month of July means a lot of fun in the sun. Although warmer temps and no school make for lots of exciting outdoor opportunities, there is still much to be aware of for health and safety. Hours of sun exposure by the beach or at the pool means a higher risk of sunburn or dehydration. Without preventive measures, events like BBQs or camping trips can include spoiled food or insect bites.

This creates an opportunity to send a number of proactive health reminders to patients. Avoidance is the big theme – avoiding heat stroke, dehydration, sunburns, and water-related injuries. Show off your expertise and remind patients where to go when care is needed.

As a healthcare marketer - it’s your time to educate and equip your patients with the toolbelt they need to have a fun, safe summer. Prepare your consumers for a healthy summer with email campaigns full of tips for prevention and safety. Remind them to reapply sunscreen every two hours, send them tips on avoiding dehydration in hot weather, lists of the best treatments for insect bites, and where to receive care if they need it. Your patients - and their health - will thank you.

Summer Health Campaign Ideas

Here are suggested campaigns to prepare your consumers for summer fun with tips and reminders about summer health: 

  • Skin cancer screening
  • Summer awareness reminders:
    - Heat stroke and exhaustion awareness
    - Sunburn and sun damage prevention
    - Avoiding dehydration
    - Insect bite and disease risk
    - Allergies and food safety
    - Exercise and diet tips

Let’s take a look through the inputs for a skin cancer screening campaign.

  • success metric: screening appointments scheduled
  • complexity:  ⭐⭐ medium
  • audience: patients ages 25+ without screenings in the prior year
  • inputs: email address, age, last screening visit date

Why Curations?

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Align your patient outreach to seasonal dates and themes all year.

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