June campaign guide: hydration tips, men's health, and Juneteenth


Leverage June-themed marketing campaigns to deepen patient relationships and encourage preventative care.

June campaign guide: hydration tips, men's health, and Juneteenth

The beginning of summer brings a wealth of opportunities for healthcare marketers to engage and support their patient population. The June healthcare calendar includes Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, Men’s Health Week, Pride Month, National Cancer Survivors Day, and Juneteenth. These observances provide prime opportunities to improve patient experiences, promote preventative care, and build meaningful connections.

This Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, send campaigns to help patients diagnose, manage, and treat head pain. Provide educational content on common headache triggers to avoid, such as dehydration, irregular sleep schedule, humidity or barometric pressure changes, and high stress. Encourage keeping a diary for patients suffering from chronic migraines to help identify patterns and causes. Encourage patients to avoid overusing pain medications, which can lead to rebound headaches. Always include calls to action (CTAs) for meeting with a specialist to help patients receive expert care when needed.

Men’s Health Week is the ideal time to send content on services for men at your healthcare organization, particularly highlighting the importance of preventative care. Specifically target young men, as they are seen less than once every nine years for preventive care, half as much as adolescent and adult males (ACP Journals). Send communications to young black and Hispanic men, who receive even less care than young white men and half the amount of care for chronic conditions (ACP Journals). Cancer in young adult populations is on the rise, making it more vital than ever to encourage young men to receive regular screenings (Yale Medicine). National Cancer Survivors Day also falls in June, making it the optimal time to promote preventative care while honoring brave individuals who beat cancer. Send reminders for prostate, colorectal, lung, and skin cancer, along with inspirational stories on young men who caught cancer signs early and have continued living full lives. Use this Men’s Health Week to truly connect with your patient population and encourage men to take an active role in their health. Your efforts will build lasting loyalty and have the strong potential to save lives.

Juneteenth is another important day in June and another chance to build relationships with your patient audience. Honor this day with campaigns on its history, organize health equity webinars, and highlight the importance of culturally competent care. Partner with local African American organizations in your community to host health fairs, screenings, and educational events. Focusing campaigns on important dates like Juneteenth helps build trust with your patient community, improve the patient experience, and deliver better care outcomes.

The beginning of summer ushers in a lot of opportunities to leverage marketing as a catalyst for improved care and patient relationships. Send tips for managing symptoms this Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, helping patients stay hydrated and pain-free. Encourage the young men in your patient audience to receive preventative care, with clear CTA’s on where and how to do so. Honor cancer survivors on National Cancer Survivors Day by sharing their stories. Highlight Juneteenth with educational campaigns on its history and current gaps in health access. Use your content to build meaningful connections this June and help quickly connect patients to care when it’s needed.

June campaigns

Here are suggested campaigns for June health:

  • migraine awareness and treatment
  • young men’s health screening
  • cataract awareness
  • summer health tips

Let’s look deeper at the young men’s health screening campaign:

  • success metric: clicks and opens
  • complexity:  ⭐ easy
  • audience: male patients ages 19-39
  • inputs: email address, first name

CTA’s to include:

  • book your screening today
  • learn more about _____’s story
  • read more about the rise in early-onset cancer
  • meet with a provider

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