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next generation digital marketing & crm platform

Cured Platform

introducing new capabilities and features that empower healthcare organizations to bring care full circle

next generation digital marketing & crm platform

In his last post, Bill Altorfer previewed our Curations — a portfolio of interactions and corresponding journeys relevant to healthcare. However, those are solely the tip of the iceberg for our next generation platform. As you might have guessed from our recent $10M Series A funding announcement… launching later this year, our platform will introduce a number of new capabilities and features that will help fulfill our mission to bring care full circle.

Make it prescriptive

At Cured, we believe everything starts with the user experience. Technology is only as good as its ability to enable a user to easily and intuitively interact with it. With this in mind, we place the experience and interface at the forefront of our platform.  

By combining a prescriptive workflow and contextualized interface with our Curations, healthcare organizations can immediately hit the ground running with their marketing strategies-- no time wasted trying to determine which campaigns are the best to start with or how to execute them!

Further, this allows our customers to continually mature in their usage while being guided by the platform all along the way. Do you need an email template? We have that. Do you need a multi-step journey? We have that. Do you need suggested audience segmentation? We have that. Data, content, automations, and suggestions all at their fingertips within the workflows and Curations and each presented in an easy to consume and understand way. It will no longer take multiple complex queries and steps to get a simple campaign out the door. 

Make data actionable

While those prescriptive workflows are at the center of our platform experience. Data is the keystone in building those experiences. Our Insights power the platform’s segmentation, analytics, reporting, and machine learning capabilities. 

Arguably, healthcare organizations have access to more customer data than any other industry. However, when it comes to marketing it can be very challenging for them to turn that data into meaningful action. Insights aims to solve that by applying analytics and machine learning that are contextually aware of the target audience; and, in turn, applying predictions to create meaningful audience segmentation to maximize personalization, precision, and action. Our predictions not only  include propensity scores for service line specific audiences but also engagement-based scores to evaluate the likelihood a given recipient will interact with a message. With both, the marketer can confidently know that the message they have crafted will be aligned with the audience they hope to reach. Further, each of the aforementioned outputs are placed in the hands of the user throughout the platform and are included inside the Curation workflow to ensure that critical information is presented clearly and can be inserted right into the campaign.

Make the future by brighter by learning from the past

Predicting the future is great but we also need to learn from the past… Insights also provides robust reporting and analytics so our users can effectively monitor, adjust, and improve their marketing efforts and understand real success metrics and ROI against their goals. Ultimately, all of this needs to come full circle so that the platform is aware of how performance of historical engagement will help improve future interactions. Insights creates suggestions, contextual data, and automation to allow the user to know which pieces of content or which audiences, for example, will be the most successful based on how they have performed in the past -- and place that information all within the campaign creation workflow. 

And for all of our healthcare compliance friends, everything is done with the utmost security in mind to meet all compliance needs for PHI and HIPAA. 

The Cured platform’s unparalleled combination of usability, analytics and security will allow healthcare organizations to meet their customers where they want to be met, and truly bring care, full circle.

But, Cured, what will you do next?!

We, at Cured, are never ones to be satisfied. With our recent Series A funding, we hope to continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing and gather feedback from our customers to constantly improve the platform. This means more Curations, more automations, more ml models, more analytics; basically, more everything! Keep following along to see all the amazing features coming in future releases.

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