november campaigns for health: from “movember” to open enrollment


encourage patients to be proactive about their care this November with targeted campaigns

november campaigns for health: from “movember” to open enrollment

November brings colder weather and the last call for utilizing health benefits and fitting in wellness appointments before the end of the year. As a healthcare marketer, now is the time to guide your patients to prioritize their care this season, from reminding them to enroll in a health plan for next year and optimizing their health savings accounts (HSAs) to scheduling annual wellness appointments. Establish your healthcare organization as a trusted resource for your patients by giving them the tips and reminders they need for a healthy November.

Men’s health is the biggest theme in November, specifically mental health and cancer prevention, even branded “Movember” (mustache November). This movement asks men to grow a mustache and share photos online to spread awareness surrounding stigmas on men’s health and preventative care. Get patients involved by sharing “Movember” with them, using CTA’s like “share your mustache” with opportunities to upload their photos, and directing them to educational articles on men’s health. Encourage patients to get preventative screenings this month with campaigns that include step-by-step appointment scheduling instructions. Share educational stories and articles on how men’s preventative screenings for prostate and testicular cancer save lives.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible saving accounts (FSAs) are great tools for your patient audience to save money while prioritizing their health needs. These accounts allow your patients to set aside pre-tax money for everything from co-pays to medical bills and vision expenses. As the year ends, now is the time to remind your patients to use anything left in their FSA accounts to make the most of these funds. It’s also the time to review FSA and HSA spend from the year to determine how much should be set aside next year and decide whether to re-enroll for an FSA. Send campaigns reminding patients of these tips and deadlines and include suggestions for ways to use their HSA and FSA accounts. Some good ideas for end-of-year qualified FSA spending are contact lenses, overdue check-ups, or proactive care solutions like nutritional testing or supplements.

For many of your patients, this time of year indicates the end of a current health plan or the beginning of open enrollment. This is the time to ensure patients have made the most of their healthcare benefits. Encourage your audience to check their insurance coverage to see if they’ve missed a dental cleaning or annual wellness appointment. Most care plans also have open enrollment from Nov 1st to Jan 15th, and patients will appreciate a reminder to check their plan and make changes as needed. Medicare enrollment runs from October 15th to December 7th, and patients must make plan updates or switches in this period, or their previous plan will automatically renew. Giving your patients a heads-up to help them stay ahead and not wait to check their coverage when care is needed will significantly improve their patient journey and build trust in your organization.

November is an important month to spark patient interaction with their care and send reminders for disease prevention, care plan upkeep, and getting the most out of their benefits and FSAs. By sending campaigns with these tips and reminders, you will become the healthcare resource your patients turn to and build loyal relationships lasting for years.

november campaigns

Here are suggested campaigns for November health:

  • HSA/FSA usage reminder
  • medicare advantage offerings awareness
  • men’s health reminders
  • prostate and testicular cancer screening
  • end of current health plan reminder
  • open enrollment reminder

Let’s look deeper at the men’s health reminder campaign:

  • success metric: preventative screening appointment scheduled
  • complexity:  ⭐  easy
  • audience: men (any age)
  • inputs: email address, last appointment date

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