recommit to health resolutions with April campaigns


encourage patients to achieve their wellness goals with timely campaigns

recommit to health resolutions with April campaigns

As we move further into the year, April is an excellent checkpoint for engaging with your patients by asking them to reassess their new year's health resolutions. Encourage your patients to take a moment to evaluate their progress and celebrate their successes. Offer them support and resources to stay committed to their resolutions, whether adopting healthier eating habits, increasing physical activity, or managing stress effectively. Maintain a strong patient experience by showing consumers that your healthcare organization is their partner in achieving all their care goals.

Some high-performing campaigns include sharing success stories, motivational tips, and practical strategies to inspire continued progress toward their health resolutions. Consider hosting virtual workshops or webinars focused on goal setting, habit formation, and overcoming common barriers to change. Help patients feel inspired in their health journey by providing tools such as goal trackers, meal planning templates, or exercise guides. This will encourage your audience to strive for their goals while building a stronger relationship with your organization.

April also brings Foot Health Month, a great opportunity to write engaging campaigns on common foot conditions and the benefits of regular check-ups with a podiatrist. Share tips for proper footwear selection, foot exercises, and strategies for managing foot pain. Collaborate with local podiatry clinics to offer foot health screenings or workshops on foot care practices to help get patients involved in their care.

As rosacea affects more than 14 million people in the US, another valuable campaign for April is shedding light on rosacea awareness month with symptoms and treatment information (cleveland clinic). Educate patients about this common skin condition characterized by facial redness, bumps, and visible blood vessels. Offer insights into triggers for rosacea flare-ups and various treatment options, including topical medications, oral antibiotics, laser therapy, and lifestyle changes. As always, highlight the importance of seeking professional guidance for effective treatment and provide options in your campaigns for receiving care at your organization for a more streamlined patient journey.

With April campaigns, you can foster meaningful connections with your patients by supporting them in achieving their health goals, sharing educational campaigns on common health conditions, and including simple scheduling instructions for those who need care. Create a seamless transition from click to care with our timely campaign ideas.

april campaigns

Here are suggested campaigns for April health:

  • foot health and podiatrist services
  • rosacea symptoms and treatment
  • new years resolution check-in
  • parkinson’s awareness month

Let’s look deeper at the new years resolution check-in campaign:

  • success metric: clicks and opens
  • complexity:  ⭐ easy
  • audience: all patients
  • inputs: email address, first name

seamless connections to care

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