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eliminate guesswork with send time recommendations

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timing is everything: accelerate patient engagement with send time recommendations

eliminate guesswork with send time recommendations

Reaching patients at the right time is a significant factor driving campaign engagement. Crowded inboxes, busy schedules, and short attention spans can quickly leave marketing emails discarded. Effectively timing email sends dramatically impacts the success of a campaign, generating more clicks and opens from overstimulated patients.

A key aspect of determining the ideal send time involves deeply understanding your audience and their preferences. Most of the suggested best practices and recommendations for send times are heavily skewed towards e-commerce, making them ineffective when applied to healthcare marketing. Additionally, analyzing your own healthcare data to determine optimal send time is difficult and data may not be readily available. Any data available will also be limited to past times that your organization has decided to send.

Our extensive data repository is composed specifically of interactions from healthcare patients and consumers. With the power of this healthcare engagement data at scale, we can recommend precise send times for campaigns that will boost patient engagement and optimize healthcare marketing outcomes.

send time recommendations for healthcare

Our send time recommendations are here to shorten your time to value and elevate patient engagement with campaigns designed to convert. Using historical healthcare engagement data, Send Time Recommendations leverage machine learning to suggest dates and times when patients will most likely engage with your send. The data input is exclusively pulled from healthcare interactions, so the send time recommendations are guaranteed to drive engagement in patient audiences. Leveraging this tool allows you to reach more patients while minimizing time spent deciphering a send time. You simply select a pre-approved send time with the peace of mind that it will boost opens and clicks in your next send.

Our send time recommendations make it a simple task to reach your patients at the right time for inspiring action.

We conducted an A/B test comparing an email sent within our recommended send time window and another email sent outside of it. The email sent using our send time recommendation resulted in a whopping 33% increase in click rate. This test proves that connecting with your patients at the right time significantly impacts their interest, conversion, and willingness to take action regarding their care. Tools like our send time recommendations are invaluable for healthcare marketers in the journey to improving patient loyalty and acquisition.

shorten time to value with digital marketing designed for healthcare

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