Cured Platform

drive patient engagement with AI-generated email subject lines

Cured Platform

leverage AI to generate impactful subject lines that boost patient engagement

drive patient engagement with AI-generated email subject lines

Email subject lines are often the first opportunity to interact with your patients through digital marketing. As the gateway to your content, compelling subject lines significantly impact your email open and engagement rates. Subject lines are critical to digital marketing success, but they are often hard to create. Brainstorming, iterating, and A/B testing can be challenging and resource intensive. It’s time to harness the power of AI to generate subject lines that boost patient engagement and conversion to ensure your emails get opened, read, and acted upon. 

introducing: the subject line curator

The Subject Line Curator uses content from your email to present up to five optimized subject line choices. Leveraging the power of AI, each subject line follows HIPAA compliance standards, avoids spam traps, and drives higher conversion rates. From optimizing length to staying out of the spam folder, each suggested subject line protects your send reputation by following subject line best practices.

How does it work? The Subject Line Curator pulls themes and concepts from your email copy, making each suggestion relevant and optimized to convert. We still recommend an internal review to ensure the generated subject lines align with the brand voice and campaign goals.

the results speak for themselves: AI delivers 30% higher open rates

The Subject Line Curator is proven to deliver subject lines that will convert to more clicks and opens, shorten time to value, and increase your patients' content views and actions.

In a recent A/B test, we compared two marketing emails: one with a human-written subject line that required brainstorming and revisions and the other with an AI-generated subject line. The outcome was impressive—the Subject Line Curator delivered a 30% higher email open rate – a statistically significant result indicating a clear winner. This A/B test illustrates the transformative impact of tools like the Subject Line Curator in streamlining the healthcare marketing journey and enabling marketers to effortlessly drive better patient engagement and loyalty.

take the guesswork out of digital marketing with cured intelligence - integrated, automated AI 

Cured Intelligence is our platform's next generation of features that leverage AI to remove manual steps and guesswork from creating and executing campaigns. Healthcare marketers can send top-performing campaigns to acquire and retain patients while remaining compliant and protecting patients. Cured Intelligence analyzes data and generates actionable insights at scale with speed and accuracy – enabling you to save time and deliver better results.

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