Cured Platform

track revenue from engagement to encounter with ROI insights

Cured Platform

Establish the value of marketing and drive revenue for your organization with the power of ROI insights

track revenue from engagement to encounter with ROI insights

With the latest iteration of ROI insights in the Cured platform, you can accurately track the patient journey from the click of a call to action (CTA) to an event and precisely calculate the revenue generated.

accurately track revenue from engagement to encounter

Cured’s latest enhancement to our revenue insights allows you to gain an accurate depiction of marketing’s contribution with precise tracking from a click to an encounter. Unlock the secrets of exactly what campaigns and calls to action (CTAs) are driving revenue. Using pre-configured back-end logic, our platform allows you to select from a drop-down what conversion event you want to track. Examples include an appointment completed or booked, a web form submitted, or even a class attended. Each click is tracked for 6 months to check for the completion of the selected event, allowing you to see how quickly a campaign resulted in conversion. Choosing from a list of events enables you to track metrics that matter to your organization and current top initiatives. Finally, assigning a dollar amount to each conversion event, whether specific or estimated, allows you to accurately depict the revenue and value your marketing efforts are generating. 

prove marketing’s value

Our revenue insights provide clear evidence of marketing’s involvement in achieving company goals and driving revenue, growing marketing’s value in the eyes of your organization. Work with key organizational stakeholders to define the top priority goals. Once established, you can create campaigns from our library of 80+ pre-built curations, and then create a revenue calculation to track the specific event type that you’re looking to grow. The preconfigured tool tracks email recipients from their click on a specified URL to the conversion event the marketer selects, creating a precise count of events driven and revenue generated due to marketing efforts.

Establish the value of marketing, secure a higher budget for your team, and drive revenue for your organization with the power of revenue insights.

drive revenue and results for your healthcare organization

The Cured platform equips you with pre-built campaigns, strategies, and tools like ROI insights to establish long-lasting patient relationships.

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