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unlock personalized journeys with event segmentation

Cured Platform

Transform the patient experience and make each individual feel seen with event segmentation

unlock personalized journeys with event segmentation

We are thrilled to introduce event segmentation, a revolutionary feature that transforms how you connect with your audience and curate personalized journeys for each patient. Recognizing the challenges marketers face in deciphering data and creating targeted campaigns, our new tool simplifies the process, making event segmentation accessible to everyone without requiring an abundance of IT resources or specialized skill sets.

guiding you through segmentation

Our event segmentation tool effortlessly guides you through the segmentation process without the need for specialized technical knowledge. Our tool makes it easy to understand and break down data to unlock its full potential for personalized campaigns. Everything you need is in one location, allowing you to seamlessly access, transform, and use the data to craft compelling, targeted campaigns.

unlock new use cases

Our event segmentation tool unlocks a whole new world of opportunities for personalized patient journeys. Beyond basic appointment reminders, discover new ways to engage patients whether they’ve attended an appointment at your health system yet or not. From mammography screening education, Annual Wellness Visit (“AWV”) reminders, or blood donation prompts, our event segmentation tool enables you to mix and match event data with demographic information. Filter down within events, such as sending AWV reminders to people with specific doctors or at particular locations, creating a more personalized and relevant approach.

effective, targeted campaigns: automated personalization

Our goal is to make each individual feel uniquely valued, and with event segmentation, automated personalization becomes an achievable reality. By creating specific and targeted segments with subfilters, you increase the relevance of your campaigns. Using data enhances efficiency and ensures you spend time on the right campaigns, optimizing your budget and maximizing your impact.

Seamless, intuitive event segmentation is a game-changer, offering a user-friendly experience that empowers marketers to create personalized journeys without requiring specialized skills. Unlock new use cases, craft effective campaigns, and increase efficiency with personalization based on event data. Transforming the patient experience has never been easier.

drive engagement and loyalty for your healthcare organization

The Cured platform equips you with pre-built campaigns, strategies, and tools like event segmentation to make each patient feel uniquely valued.

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