Cured Announces Development of Value-Based Care Journeys


BOULDER, CO, April 5, 2023 - Cured, the leading digital marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) platform purpose-built for healthcare, is proud to announce advanced functionality to enhance customers’ value-based care performance.

Cured Announces Development of Value-Based Care Journeys

Payers, providers, and digital health companies are coming together to manage the cost of care and improve patient outcomes. “As a public health professional, I am encouraged by the amount of meaningful investment taking place to advance value-based care models across the healthcare ecosystem. Whether it’s CVS’s acquisition of Oak Street Health, Humana’s investment in developing CenterWell, or the myriad of employer and plan value-based agreements with digital health companies; and we built Cured to solve the engagement that is needed to make these models successful.” said Andrew Sawyer, chief executive officer of Cured. 

Traditionally, payers and providers have leveraged case managers and one-to-one outreach to help support these programs, which limits their ability to create a significant impact. To scale outreach, we’ve created branded campaign templates called Curations, and machine learning models have long helped organizations scale patient and member activation, engagement, and retention. 

Over the last 18 months, our customers have increasingly asked us to support ACO, Medicare Advantage, and other value-based care programs. We’ve listened, shown early results, and are now proactively developing a necessary toolset that was lacking in the market.

Cured partners with leading health systems, healthcare services, and digital health organizations to transform their growth and experience strategies through technology. Cured’s customers have sent over 250 million interactions through the company’s solutions. Such interactions focus on driving consumers to preventative services, making individuals aware of convenient healthcare options applicable to their needs, and providing guidance along specific care journeys to improve adherence and engagement.

“The Cured solution has completely transformed the way that my team manages our provider network. This tool allows us to leverage technology, back-end automation, and improved data management to dramatically reduce the administrative burden on our staff, while focusing on what matters – supporting our ACO providers and their efforts to transform healthcare delivery," said Stewart Hinrichsen, executive director of network management at UnityPoint Health.

Cured is focused on reaching and engaging patients and providers participating in these programs. The solution provides automation and segmentation, a built-in library of campaigns, and automated journeys that align with the engagement necessary to scale and operationalize value-based programs (e.g., annual wellness visit reminders). Proprietary propensity scoring allows identifying higher-risk individuals by service line or diagnosis to engage those populations better and improve their outcomes. The messaging provided by Cured allows for frequent and proactive communication with providers to notify them of program updates, additional performance needs, or new service offerings. 

"For digital health companies that partner with payers and employers, like RecoveryOne, it is critical that we can quickly activate applicable members or employees in the services we provide so that we can help drive improved outcomes that will lower the cost of care,” said Dustin Eggers, chief commercial officer at RecoveryOne. “Cured has been instrumental in helping us digitally communicate our value to consumers so that they enroll in RecoveryOne care pathways and can further their journey to improve musculoskeletal health.” 

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Cured, the leading digital marketing and CRM platform for healthcare, supports top healthcare organizations, like UCHealth, VCU Health, Ochsner, CHG Healthcare, on a collective mission to bring care full circle. Cured’s solutions enable healthcare organizations to seamlessly engage with their customers to build unparalleled relationships throughout their care journey, ultimately improving patient outcomes and creating revenue for the healthcare organization. Please visit and follow us on LinkedIn for more information.

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