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cured winter break 2021

Cured Team

Cured's annual winter break allows our team to reflect, rest, and recharge as we head into 2022

cured winter break 2021

It’s time for Cured’s annual winter break! What does that mean to us? It means giving employees intentional time away. We believe that fostering the best environment for our team means taking the space to rest and recharge. This time away allows us to reflect on 2021. We are so grateful for our customers, partners, investors, and the Cured team. Without them, bringing care full circle would not be possible. See you in 2022 refreshed and ready to rock the year ahead!

Here’s a preview of how the Cured circle will be spending their winter breaks.

Durga Prasad Samanthula, Analyst
I'm super grateful for our Winter Break because it gives me a chance to catch up on family time and hobby time that I haven't been able to fit in my daily routine. Can't wait to go skiing with the brother, shopping with the mom, watching some NBA/NFL with the dad and just enjoy some family time overall!

Carolyn Williams, VP of Customer Delivery
I am so grateful for this time off to spend the week with my husband and our two little ones. We're keeping it local and low key this year - likely spending some time hiking in the forest preserve, doing some house projects and art projects, helping my husband prepare for the launch of his new company, and soaking in any remaining chill time before 2022 starts in earnest.

Erin McHale, Manager, Customer Delivery
I'm so thankful for our Winter Break because it means I can spend meaningful time connecting with family all over the country! I'll be celebrating Christmas Eve with my family in the Chicago suburbs, Christmas morning in Northwest Indiana with my 5 nieces and nephews, and then heading down to Dallas a few days later to celebrate with more family and some warmer weather. I'm looking forward to starting the new year relaxed and refreshed!

Brooke Vogelsmeier, Director, Marketing
Winter break?! I'm so thankful Cured gives us time to unwind and be with loved ones. 🙌 A little travel is in my future. My family is headed to St. Louis to spend time with extended family for the first time since 2019! ❤️ Next up, is Miami with friends to ring in 2022 and soak up some vitamin D.🌴😎

Ian Halper, Senior Associate, Customer Delivery
I think that having this time off for the whole company is outstanding.
I’ll be local with my family celebrating Christmas and NYE.  But, right afterward, Heather, Rayna, and I are heading to Universal Orlando for a dance team retreat. Rayna will get an opportunity to dance for a public group while we’re there.

Dante Lee, Associate Software Engineer
I’m truly thankful for this Winter Break so everyone can enjoy the holidays with a peace of mind & kickstart the new year together with well-rested feet. My family & I will be relaxing locally in DFW with special dining, hiking at natural preserve, and gardening. After everything that happened this year, I hope everyone have the most wonderful holidays!

Bill Altorfer, Principal, Customer Delivery
Coming from the world of e-commerce, the holidays have historically been among the busiest times of the year for me. Having the opportunity to fully unplug is a wonderful benefit and I’m truly appreciative of being able to spend some quality time with people I care about. We’ll be spending Winter Break in Boston with family and will celebrate New Year’s Day with some friends and their families in New Hampshire.

Josh Kalscheur, Director, Business Development
With 3 kiddos it’s tough during the week to not prioritize all the basics of making meals, cleaning up after those meals (SO many dishes!), homework, chores, getting to bed/getting up, repeat. I’ll be dedicating Winter Break to chilling with the family, prioritizing the “Dad, can we go do . . .” requests, and getting a (small) getaway in with my wife ❤️

Rachel Sisco, Director, Customer Delivery
Our family highly prizes time together to just "be," so I'm looking forward to spending Winter Break doing whatever the family wants to do any give day. No plans. No expectations. Just family time together. I'm so thankful to have recently joined a company where the focus is on the whole person, not just the employee, and my 2 young kiddos are beyond the moon that Mom gets to spend the whole week with them.

Dan Dwyer, Director, Business Development
I was pleasantly surprised when Cured announced a company wide winter break. With sports, band, school activities, a spouse who is a teacher,  etc. taking up time during the school year, we have a hard time getting to "disconnect" from things we have to do.  With this time we will be able to relax, get outside: hike, bike, and reconnect with one another.

See you in 2022!

There’s so much to look forward to in the year ahead! If you’re interested in joining the Cured circle, check out open roles here.

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