winter wellness campaigns for december


Encourage winter wellness from vaccines to tips for lowering stress in this busy season

winter wellness campaigns for december

December is a time of celebration with loved ones, but along with holiday cheer, December also ushers in the height of cold and flu season. Help protect your patients with marketing campaigns that provide resources and tips to keep them healthy through this chilly month.

The most important thing you can provide for your patients is reminders for COVID and flu vaccines. Let them know that your healthcare team has appointment options and share details for booking to streamline the process. Reiterate how getting their vaccine can mediate any illness this season and get patients back to fun time spent with friends and family. Share tips for cold and flu prevention, like washing hands regularly, avoiding highly populated areas, and staying home if symptoms begin. 

It’s also vital to share information on where to get immediate care if needed, such as the nearest urgent care location for each patient. Make them feel seen and protected by sending campaigns with step-by-step instructions for receiving care and when to go to an urgent care location vs an emergency care facility. December is also a great time to double-check that patients have seen their primary care provider within the last year. Share information to schedule an appointment and educational pieces on the importance of getting an annual checkup.

Although December is a time of love and warmth for many, it can also be a time of heightened stress and depression. Encourage patients to take time for themselves even amidst  family obligations and navigating the busy season. Share ideas to lower stress, like saying no to some events, making time for a favorite hobby, exercising, or even stepping away for a nap. For some of your patients, December is a time of grieving or loneliness. Remind them that these feelings are natural and there’s no stigma around asking for help. Share resources for making an appointment with a counselor, call lines, or support groups in their area to join. Including this type of content and CTAs will ensure your patients feel heard and supported through this season.

The end of the year is a good time to think about your strategy as a healthcare marketer. Elevate your marketing campaigns to be more than just strategic initiatives; make them beacons of support and care for your patients. By providing valuable resources and insightful tips, you can shield against the winter's chill, helping patients stay healthy and resilient throughout December. Let this month be a testament to the power of compassionate healthcare marketing, reinforcing the spirit of well-being and resilience as patients navigate the colder days ahead.

december campaigns

Here are suggested campaigns for December health:

  • primary care service reminder
  • urgent care location and services reminder
  • preventative steps to avoid cold and flu
  • flu and COVID vaccine reminder

Let’s look deeper at the flu and COVID vaccine reminder campaign:

  • success metric: flu and/or COVID vaccine appointment scheduled
  • complexity:  ⭐ easy
  • audience: all ages and genders
  • inputs: email address, last appointment date

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