women's wellness campaigns for october


october campaign ideas for breast cancer awareness and flu season

women's wellness campaigns for october

October ushers in autumn and brings a fresh occasion to engage with your healthcare consumers and raise awareness on critical healthcare themes. From breast cancer screenings to flu vaccines, there’s a wealth of opportunities to foster deeper relationships with your audience through marketing campaigns that are relevant to the season.

Utilize the changing weather and holidays to keep your contacts protected and healthy. As the weather cools, it’s time to remind your patients to shield themselves against the impending flu season by getting their vaccines, ensuring a healthier fall and winter for both them and their loved ones. Link CTAs to opportunities for scheduling an appointment or list locations where patients can receive their flu vaccine. As Halloween excitement grows and children prepare for trick-or-treating, use marketing campaigns to share tips that equip parents with spooktacular guidance. Emphasize the importance of kids not filling up with candy on an empty stomach, using reflective tape for visibility, and carefully inspecting treats for allergies.

October marks a special time for women's health awareness. As a healthcare marketer, breast cancer awareness month is the time to emphasize the lifesaving ritual of mammography screenings. Use your campaigns to educate on the vital nature of annual screenings and make scheduling an appointment a streamlined process. Empower women with tips for proactive breast health monitoring, urging regular self-exams, and prompting medical attention for any noticed changes. This knowledge is a potent lifeline for early detection and successful treatment in the fight against breast cancer.

Throughout the month of October, healthcare marketers have a unique opportunity to elevate health awareness and education. Whether it's flu vaccinations, Halloween safety, or breast cancer awareness and prevention, these meaningful campaigns deepen the bond between patients and healthcare providers, empowering individuals to make proactive choices for their health and enjoy a vibrant Fall season.

october campaigns

Here are suggested campaigns to prepare your consumers for a healthy autumn:

  • breast cancer screening
  • mammography reminder
  • self-exam tips for women
  • flu vaccine reminder
  • safe trick-or-treating tips

Let’s look deeper at the mammography reminder campaign:

  • success metric: mammography screening appointments scheduled
  • complexity: ⭐ easy
  • audience: at-risk patient population (women ages 50+)
  • inputs: email address, age, last mammography screening appointment

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