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5 ways to launch member activation

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unlock the full potential of your healthcare organization by harnessing the power of activation marketing

5 ways to launch member activation

One of the most powerful measures of success for a healthcare organization is its number of active members - those individuals who keep coming back. Ensuring consumers who show interest or have a one-time experience with your care services remain engaged is crucial. Activation marketing enables you to achieve this. It's a powerful approach fueled by data and personalization and will skyrocket your campaign engagement when coupled with traditional marketing efforts.

what is member activation?

Member activation transforms potential members into active participants in their journeys within your healthcare organization. We can break down the active member journey into two key stages:

  • Activation: When someone who has shown interest takes a concrete action that turns them into a patient or member.
  • Retention: After experiencing the care or service, they are pleased enough to return for more care.

Your ultimate goal? Build a loyal customer base that considers your healthcare organization the go-to solution for their needs. To make this happen, we need to update your marketing strategy. Understanding the difference between activation marketing and the more traditional outreach methods is vital.

Activation marketing relies heavily on personalization, tailoring healthcare information, and providing support based on individual patient needs. The focus is on nurturing one-on-one relationships rather than broad messaging. We have compiled five powerful strategies to supercharge member activation, give you a competitive edge, build a loyal patient base, and improve patient outcomes.

1. leverage data for personalization

The magic of activation marketing begins with real-time interactions and data-driven insights. By tapping into patient data, you can craft healthcare experiences that resonate with individuals on a personal level. Think about it – personalized medication reminders, dietary guidance tailored to specific needs, or wellness program recommendations designed to boost patient engagement and enhance health outcomes. Cured, for example, has teamed up with our customer, UCHealth, and employed propensity scoring models to target outreach to individuals most likely to benefit from specific services. The result? A leap in activation and retention rates compared to one-size-fits-all marketing.

2. create seamless omnichannel experiences

Omnichannel marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can employ in healthcare marketing. Nearly 80% of users prefer omnichannel strategies due to the seamless communication experience (Maxicus, CX Today). Expanding your marketing efforts to email and SMS makes it much simpler for members to schedule appointments and receive updates and reminders. Members specifically prefer digital interactions. In fact, a whopping 90% say they prefer digital channels (Hubspot). Incorporating more digital channels into your marketing is more convenient for your members and ensures that every interaction with your healthcare organization is smooth and consistent. When patients experience a seamless healthcare journey across various touchpoints, they're far more likely to take action regarding their care and become loyal members for life.

3. target the right audience

Targeting members based on their unique health needs, preferences, and behaviors unlocks tailored healthcare marketing that drives activation. The more precise your segmentation, the more impactful your campaigns can be. In fact, 72% of consumers have stated that they only engage with personalized messaging (Storyly). So whether you’re educating on fertility care, mental health, or senior living, ensure you’re targeting the right members with information tailored to their specific care needs. Check out Cured's library of 80+ pre-built campaigns customized for particular care applications. When members see and feel that you understand their specific care needs, they’re far more likely to convert.

4. listen to your metrics

Metric reports are like the north star of marketing, keeping these top of mind will guide your efforts in the right direction. Keep a close eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) that track member activation, such as first-time appointments scheduled, service upsells, and levels of engagement with content. More importantly, be ready to shift your content or strategy depending on these results. Having real-time metric tracking from your activation marketing campaigns is crucial for gaining valuable insights into what’s affecting your conversion rates. Once you have a solid way to track metrics, you can chart the best course for fostering more member activation and healthier patients.

5. streamline registration and onboarding

Another vital aspect of member activation is a seamless registration and onboarding process. It's all about ensuring a hassle-free experience for new members, reducing friction, and minimizing the steps needed for interested parties to become members. The more accessible and straightforward it is for someone to sign up for your healthcare services, the more likely they will take that crucial step. Embrace digital forms, provide clear step-by-step guidance, and plenty of follow-ups and reminders for every stage of the care journey. This will set the stage for a positive patient experience and lay the foundation for long-term engagement. 

Active members are a vital indicator of any healthcare organization's success. By embracing personalization, creating seamless omnichannel experiences, targeting the right audience, and listening to your metrics, you can unlock the full potential of your member audience. Pave the way for a healthcare experience where members aren't just passive recipients of care but actively a part of their patient journeys and loyal members of your healthcare organization.

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