best practices

achieve a seamless call experience with contact center solutions

best practices

discover a contact center solution with the right data, workflows, and tracking for a streamlined patient experience

achieve a seamless call experience with contact center solutions

Contact centers are often the last mile of engagement for a new or returning patient, meaning this single interaction can make or break a patient’s experience with your healthcare organization. 51% of consumers will switch providers when they don’t feel they’ve received great customer service (PR Newswire). Innovaccer’s contact center allows you to create personalized engagement with holistic consumer 360, automated workflows, and customer service tracking for a seamless care experience.

consumer 360

The contact center provides agents with a holistic view of each patient-powered by a robust CDP (consumer data platform). This consumer 360 view combines clinical, demographic, and engagement data to provide agents or patient access staff insight into relevant information while coordinating care activities or addressing general inquiries. With the right data at their fingertips, agents can have informed conversations with patients, minimizing the time required to solve their needs while providing a great experience. Keeping everything from call to care in one place lowers referral leakage, increases patient acquisition, and boosts overall satisfaction.

workflows that drive ROI

Harness the power of pre-configured, automated conversations that allow agents to move cleanly through the stages of their interactions and achieve quick resolution. Relevant next-best actions are presented to help steer the agent to the right solution, minimizing steps and clicks to book an appointment, resolve a grievance, complete post-discharge follow-ups, or schedule a cross-sell or upsell service. Faster resolution times reduce patient no-shows and increase new patient visits, allowing the contact center to achieve higher return on investment (ROI) for your healthcare organization.

Sara for contact center

Innovaccer's Sara for contact center redefines patient interactions with its AI-driven capabilities. Anchored on the Sara healthcare AI model, this assistant monitors conversations, instantly providing agents with optimal responses and automating documentation. It significantly reduces search time for information, allowing agents to handle more calls efficiently. The tool ensures meticulous preservation of every patient conversation, generating complete call transcripts with ambient listening and insightful call summaries with key performance indicators. Sara for contact center seamlessly integrates the power of AI, allowing agents to focus on providing extraordinary patient experiences.

real-time operation monitoring

Monitor real-time call metrics with powerful and intuitive dashboards to assess and improve performance. These real-time metrics make it simple to track agent performance for compensation and benchmarking. The dashboards include consistent call logging and enhanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) call reports, allowing visibility into all customer touch points. 

Innovaccer’s contact center allows you to build consumer trust by ensuring a successful first interaction. Automated workflows lower the effort required for patients to schedule an appointment or request a referral and will skyrocket your patient satisfaction rates. The included consumer 360 views allow agents to drive a personalized experience and help patients receive vital care faster. Customers who have implemented Innovaccer’s next-generation contact center solution have seen a 70% increase in calls answered per day due to the automation features. Create seamless patient care experiences with the power of Innovaccer’s highly intuitive contact center solution.

the intelligent healthcare experience platform (HXP)

We are proud to introduce HXP, designed with healthcare consumers at the center. The solution for every step of the patient journey, the HXP is more than a CRM. Our platform includes tools from market intelligence and data integration to contact center solutions and AI integrations, simplifying the healthcare journey at every step. While health care is necessary, the hassle is not. Learn more about our recent partnership with Innovaccer and the future of our healthcare experience platform here. 

fuel patient growth and loyalty

The Cured HXP equips you with pre-built campaigns, strategies, and tools to make each patient feel uniquely valued.

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