Industry Trends

ditch the guesswork, leverage market intelligence to maximize ROI

Industry Trends

Market intelligence can provide a clear picture, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive success.

ditch the guesswork, leverage market intelligence to maximize ROI

Many healthcare organizations find themselves stuck in an inefficient marketing cycle. Traditional "spray and pray" tactics often lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities. Targeting the wrong audience or promoting services that don't resonate or are unavailable for weeks leads to wasted spend and a poor patient experience. When healthcare marketers rely on intuition instead of actionable insights, they see a disappointing return on investment (ROI), or, worse, no visibility into the ROI.

Without the right data, marketers cannot truly understand:

  • Your Patients: Who are you serving? What are their specific needs and preferences?
  • Market Trends: What are the emerging areas of healthcare? How can you position yourself for success?
  • Competitor Activity: What are your competitors doing? Where are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Optimal Service Line Resourcing: Are you allocating resources to the right services?

There's a better way.

the power of data-driven decisions in healthcare marketing

Imagine having a clear view of the healthcare market landscape. With Cured by Innovaccer’s Market Intelligence tool, you can access data-driven insights about your competitors, market trends, and, most importantly, your patients. Eliminate the guesswork and start leveraging the power of robust data.  

Market intelligence can provide a clear picture, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive success. According to a McKinsey article, health systems with a marketing strategy and efforts can expect a revenue increase of up to 20 percent over five years. [Source]

exceed growth expectations with market intelligence

Strong market intelligence unlocks significant possibilities:

  • Identify High-Potential Customer Segments: Target the right audience with greater precision and effectiveness
  • Craft Targeted Messaging: Develop messaging that resonates with specific patient needs, leading to increased engagement and conversions
  • Optimize Campaigns for Maximum ROI: Allocate your budget strategically and see a real return on investment
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions, Not Guesses: Move beyond intuition and rely on actionable insights

Through Market Intelligence insights, marketing teams can outperform growth expectations and drive marketing excellence at your health system. 

leverage market intelligence for success

Our Market Intelligence product equips healthcare marketers with the tools to translate benefits into action. We go beyond basic competitor analysis, offering a comprehensive view of the market landscape. Here's how we stand out:

  • Competitor Analysis & Market Landscape: Gain a clear understanding of your competitive environment to make informed strategic decisions
  • Accurate Geo Analytics: Drill down into specific regions and understand market dynamics at a granular level for targeted marketing strategies
  • Service Line & Sub-Service Line Level Analytics: Optimize resource allocation by analyzing performance at a highly detailed level
  • SDOH Analytics: Enhance your understanding of healthcare consumers by delving beyond market data and incorporating Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) parameters. This approach enables you to tailor your campaigns and messaging more effectively

download your free market report!

Ready to gain a competitive edge and make data-driven decisions with confidence? Download our free market report today! This report will give you a glimpse of our marker intelligence tool by providing:

  • Market Overview: Get a snapshot of the current healthcare market landscape
  • Benchmarking: Compare your performance against industry leaders and understand your approximate market share
  • Data Coverage: Explore the depth and breadth of our region-specific data coverage
  • Top Health Systems: Analyze the leading health systems and their patient and claim volumes
  • Top Service Lines: Identify the top service lines in your region

Don't settle for guesswork in your marketing strategy.  Download your free report today and let Cured by Innovaccer’s market intelligence guide you towards success!

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