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Launch 3x more campaigns with automated patient journeys

Cured Platform

Set yourself and your healthcare organization up to succeed in 2023 with our powerful and automated email and SMS campaigns that generate revenue, increase retention, and drive better patient outcomes.

Launch 3x more campaigns with automated patient journeys

Save time and reach more patients with automations that are always on

Implement strategies to reach more consumers using our library of pre-built automations and campaigns, allowing you to launch, maintain, and optimize campaigns without ongoing, time-consuming manual development. 

By proactively defining the entire patient lifecycle, you are maintaining a personalized relationship with your patient throughout the phases of their care journey. Don’t let bandwidth, budget, or technology hold you back. Let our automations work for you so you can focus on marketing strategy. 

Connect people to care through seamless, personalized journeys

Automating interactions through patient journeys, or as we call them, Curations, allows you to reach patients when it matters most to offer them the care or service they need. To tailor each patient’s journey without the manual lift, you define different audience criteria, then when a contact becomes eligible, they receive the appropriate message. 

The interactions can happen anytime throughout the patient lifecycle, driving acquisition, conversion, and retention across your patient base. As you scale your digital marketing strategy, you can build more and more automated journeys to foster deeper patient relationships. 

Our customers are already using our automations in many common campaigns that we recommend:

  • new patient welcome series
  • primary care re-engagement
  • new service and location openings
  • patient portal sign-up reminders
  • pre-visit reminder emails & sms
  • no-show follow-up email & sms
  • preventative care and wellness reminders 
  • specialty pharmacy adoption campaign
  • preventative checklist
  • screenings and vaccinations
  • birthday emails
  • post-visit surveys

Customer Highlight: UCHealth uses automation to reengage patients after lapsed care

During the pandemic, UCHealth found that people were coming in sicker and with more progressed diseases. Health screenings were an excellent way for them to reengage patients and drive them back to preventative care. Specifically, mammograms allowed UCHealth to impact one significant screening for women. 

UCHealth launched an automated mammography campaign to target women who had lapsed in care. Anytime a woman meets the audience criteria, a send is triggered directing them to schedule a mammogram. This automation removes all manual steps while still allowing UCHealth to focus on retention and patient relationships. 

The results show that a woman who receives the mammogram screening email is 1.8X more likely to schedule her mammogram. Automation is working to drive better health outcomes and reengage patients for UCHealth. See the full UCHealth video here.

Create consistent, repeatable marketing at scale to drive outcomes with email and SMS automation. 

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