Cured Platform

launch campaigns that generate revenue faster

Cured Platform

Cured launches healthcare campaigns that generate revenue faster

launch campaigns that generate revenue faster

Today’s healthcare consumers expect personalized and convenient digital engagement with their providers. Coming out of the pandemic, an estimated 41% of U.S. adults have delayed or avoided medical care. Not only are patients seeing providers less, but well-known consumer brands are entering the healthcare space, creating increased competition. Amazon, CVS, and Walgreens are technology-native organizations providing elevated, consumer-driven care experiences that are netting market gains, particularly for primary care services. 

More than 70% of adults report that the health information they receive influences their treatment decisions.

“Today, it is essential for healthcare organizations to focus on their patient experience to maintain market share and build the proper foundation for long-term retention,” says Manny Rodriguez, chief marketing, experience, and customer officer for UCHealth.

Not all digital marketing platforms are equal. Most platforms do not account for healthcare's complexity or compliance needs. At Cured, we allow you to reach patients efficiently and cost-effectively by elevating your consumer experience. Our healthcare-specific digital marketing platform connects patients with providers to improve the quality of patient engagement and the returns on your marketing investments, all while protecting sensitive health information.

Unlock your healthcare data to target the right audiences

Our intuitive segmentation tools allow you to create precise audience segments to reach potential or existing patients. You can use our machine learning-based scores to create one-click audiences, segment against demographic, clinical, or financial information, and build audiences based on prior campaign engagement. Personalizing the patient journey by targeting the right audience provides a better experience that improves outcomes, drives loyalty, and generates more revenue.

Launch pre-built, targeted campaigns that convert 

You can build relationships with your patients in the same way e-commerce brands connect to consumers. Our pre-built Curations are high-value campaigns that empower change in weeks, not months or years. You can increase productivity and reduce time to value with our library of 80+ automated, tailored healthcare campaigns that include suggested segmentation, personalization recommendations, and content proven to convert. And where a Curation template does not exist, we give you all the tools you need to build automated campaigns to meet communication needs.

Optimize performance and drive ROI

Proving the impact and value of marketing initiatives is vital as budgets tighten and expectations grow for healthcare marketers, and we know this has not always been easy. You can easily optimize marketing efforts by using campaign and contact performance insights to personalize journeys. Our revenue dashboards let you track your healthcare organization's return on investment (ROI) against your digital marketing efforts. Tracking ROI and optimizing marketing efforts allows you to tangibly show the value of marketing to your healthcare organization’s executives while creating an outsized impact on the outcomes of your patients. 

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