We love healthcare—plain and simple. Our team has spent the last decade partnering with some of the largest and most prominent organizations in healthcare and life sciences to drive the adoption of enterprise technology and strategy. We created Cured to help those industry leaders with what we feel is this decade’s most important care delivery evolution—the ability to engage with and build lasting relationships with those they serve.

Andrew Sawyer

Co-Founder & CEO

A fourth generation healthcare worker, Andrew believes that public health outcomes can be delivered, not just through policy or disruption, but by looking for proven technology and business strategies from outside the industry. The adaptation of these approaches to healthcare is one of our greatest opportunities to maximize business and clinical performance.

Ashmer Aslam

Co-Founder & CTO

A healthcare technologist from a family of physicians, Ashmer has seen technology be an incredible enabler of advancement. However, the current transactional technologies that support the industry—ERPs and EMRs, are not focused on creating engaging personal experiences. For healthcare to achieve parity with other consumer interactions, a true transformation towards modern and agile technologies is paramount.

Rohit Narayan

Co-Founder & CCO

An unwavering advocate for his customers, and his customers’ customers (patients!), Ro believes there are many opportunities for healthcare organizations to drive innovation. Care environments are so fundamental to life, it is important that organizations address patient and employee needs in a way that identify root causes—and fulfill a responsibility to enable excellent care.



Mike Osborn

Senior Solution Architect

Mike has spent the last decade creating solutions and architecture to execute some of the most complex digital marketing campaigns for the world’s top brands. Mike also serves as Cured’s resident woodworker and trading card expert.

Cheney Shreve

Senior Software Engineer

Cheney enjoys building solutions that bring together knowledge and insights from different disciplines. When she’s not coding, she enjoys hiking with her husband and dog, texting silly memes to her family, and thinking more about code.

Chris Gang

Senior Software Engineer

Chris is a deeply-passionate technologist with interests in full-stack development, the cloud, and entrepreneurship. He has a plethora of hobbies including table tennis, watching basketball, cooking, baking, making ice cream, playing guitar, and pursuing entrepreneurial projects.

Carolyn Williams

Director, Client Delivery

Carolyn loves navigating the exciting intersection of healthcare, customer experience and human behavior. Success and transformation are inevitable when you design with a deep understanding of what your customers truly need.

Erin McHale

Senior Associate, Client Delivery

Erin has a wide-ranging background in customer experience and she is excited about helping healthcare clients improve their digital experiences. In her free time, Erin loves playing board games, practicing yoga, and searching for the world's best chicken taco.

Bill Altorfer

Senior Associate, Client Delivery

Bill spent many years helping large enterprise retail companies use technology to better connect with and serve their customers. And, now, he is excited to partner with healthcare providers to better their patient experience and outcomes. He lives in Chicago with his wife Lauren and their two cats. 

Cured is seeking passionate and talented people to join our growing team. Please apply directly to open roles that best fit your aspirations. We have locations in Boulder, Chicago and Indianapolis. Please see available jobs at the Join Us Page.

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