best practices

Turn interactions into tailored patient experiences with journeys

best practices

Drive patient-centered growth, simplify each consumer journey, and deliver personalization at scale with journey management

Turn interactions into tailored patient experiences with journeys

Modern healthcare consumers expect the same personalized, detailed attention from healthcare providers as they receive from other industries. Our market-leading journey management solution enables healthcare organizations to orchestrate every touchpoint in the consumer journey, allowing for the tailored experiences patients demand. Reduce patient leakage, enhance patient experiences, and bridge the gap from visit to home with journey management.

data-powered personalization

Journey management is powered by our robust Consumer Data Platform (CDP). This approach enables personalization across each touchpoint by using the data in the CDP to create a consumer 360 view of patients with clinical, demographic, financial, engagement, and 3rd party data. CDP-powered insights inform content, outreach, care management or contact center interaction, forging a deeper connection between patients and healthcare organizations. This emphasis on personalized interactions marks a transformative step in redefining how patients engage with and experience healthcare.

journeys focused on growth

Our journey management tool stands out in the competitive healthcare landscape with its unwavering focus on patient growth and retention. This approach addresses a significant gap in the market by increasing loyalty of existing patients rather than solely focusing on acquiring new patients. By emphasizing the importance of retaining existing patients, utilizing our journey management solution ensures sustained revenue growth and improves operational efficiency. This strategic differentiator underscores the tool's commitment to fostering enduring relationships and delivering superior healthcare experiences.

seamless integration of data and touchpoints

Picture a centralized journey management solution intelligent enough to seamlessly tie together touchpoints, utilizing the power of CDP and engagement data. Increase relevance and engagement with segmentation based on patient demographic data. Our tool transcends traditional outreach methods, presenting a unique solution that automates and personalizes every touchpoint in the healthcare consumer journey based on individual patient needs. This visionary approach ensures a unified and tailored patient experience at every stage, an indispensable asset in the evolution of patient-centric healthcare.

bridge the gap in patient tracking and personalization

The healthcare consumer journey often suffers from fragmentation, resulting in decreased loyalty and adverse impacts on revenue. Journeys are the link between all of our solutions, creating a streamlined patient experience from contact center to personalized outreach, all powered by the data insights of CDP, market intelligence, and consumer 360 tools. Keep patients at the center, simplify each consumer journey, and deliver personalization at scale with journey management.

This transformative tool goes beyond conventional approaches, strongly emphasizing personalization and prescription to enhance patient satisfaction and mitigate leakage. Our journey management tool creates positive experiences that significantly improve patient outcomes by delivering precisely tailored messages at the right moments. Orchestrate and personalize every touchpoint in a patient's journey, encompassing digital outreach, contact center interventions, and care management with the power of our solution. This tailored approach ensures a cohesive and engaging experience for each patient. It contributes to improved operational efficiency, reduced manual interventions, and increased revenue for healthcare organizations, fostering sustainable growth in a competitive healthcare landscape.

the healthcare experience platform (HXP)

We proudly introduce HXP, designed to power everything but the visit. Our platform includes tools from market intelligence and data integration to contact center solutions and AI integrations, simplifying the healthcare journey at every step. While health care is necessary, the hassle is not. Learn more about our recent partnership with Innovaccer and the future of our healthcare experience platform here. 

create long-lasting patient relationships

 HXP equips you with pre-built campaigns, strategies, and tools like journey management to make each patient feel uniquely valued.

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