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Take control of your urgent care’s growth and retention strategies with the data, campaigns, and metrics you need for success

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Take control of your urgent care’s growth and retention strategies with the data, campaigns, and metrics you need for success.
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What is Urgent Care Marketing
Urgent Care marketing consists of the tools and strategies Urgent Care marketers use to attract, acquire, and retain patients. Urgent Care marketing strategies span several channels but should specifically focus on digital, predominantly email and SMS.

It’s vital for Urgent Care marketers to use digital marketing solutions to reach their patients where consumers prefer to be reached. Digital marketing solutions are no longer a nice to have but rather a must-have in order to compete to acquire and retain patients.
Why is Urgent Care Marketing Important
Urgent care patient volume is growing at a rapid pace, increasing 60% since 2019, according to CNN. As patients continue to seek urgent care services, urgent cares must adapt its patient acquisition and retention philosophy to fit an increasingly digital world and competitive marketplace. This shift means retooling and rethinking urgent care marketing practices in favor of digital solutions that support both patient acquisition and patient retention.

Meeting patients where they are has never been more vital for urgent care marketers. Patients seek out care in an increasingly digital fashion - is your urgent care optimized for this digital communication? If not, consider Cured to partner with you on your path toward digital marketing transformation.
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Cured’s platform gives urgent care marketers a holistic marketing platform to digitally communicate with both existing patients and prospective patients. The platform’s simplified design, paired with its robust functionality, is tailored for healthcare and urgent care marketers, providing an opportunity to grow and deliver care. By leveraging the data, campaigns, and performance insights available, urgent care marketers can plan their next engagement point to deepen consumer relationships and confidently accelerate patient interactions.

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