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activate your data with CDP

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Generate actionable insights and activate your data for improved patient experiences with CDP.

activate your data with CDP

Transform how your healthcare organization engages with patients by easily collecting and organizing data into one centralized location, the Consumer Data Platform (CDP). The CDP acts as a central hub, combining EMR clinical data, Experian third-party and demographic information, and consumer engagement data to create a detailed picture of each consumer. With our collection of over 80 pre-built integrations, weaving data streams into one actionable hub has never been easier. This data-driven approach empowers your organization to craft personalized experiences, ensure consistent relationship building, and take proactive action for improved care. A CDP is not a new concept and has been a proven strategy in many other industries; however, until now, there has not been a CDP that is purpose-built and compliant for the healthcare environment.


The Cured by Innovaccer CDP empowers healthcare organizations to create personalized experiences and offers that address specific needs. By analyzing data such as past interactions, preferences, and behaviors, marketers can deliver targeted communications that resonate with individual patients, fostering a deeper connection and improving overall satisfaction. Integrated clinical data and engagement insights allow marketers to understand how audiences interact with their communications across various outreach campaigns. With insights from the CDP, your team can identify patients in your organization who are at risk of missing essential health screenings and create tailored interventions to encourage patients to take action for their care. 


Maintaining consistent communication is crucial for building trust and loyalty in healthcare. CDP provides a single, 360-degree view of each patient, ensuring all interactions, whether through email, patient portals, or direct mail, are aligned and consistent. This comprehensive perspective reinforces the healthcare provider's message and enhances the patient experience. Consistency in outreach also reduces the chances of misinformation and ensures patients receive accurate and timely information across all touchpoints, driving better care outcomes.


A significant advantage of our CDP solution is its ability to make data actionable in real-time. Centralizing data from various sources, with the power of our 80+ pre-built integrations, enables healthcare organizations to optimize their efforts by ensuring the most up-to-date patient profiles are accessible across all channels in real time. This level of data accessibility allows for immediate adjustments to patient outreach and care plans, ensuring strategies remain relevant and effective. For example, if a patient’s profile indicates a recent search in managing a chronic condition, your team can promptly deliver related content or resources, maximizing engagement and improving health outcomes.


Securing patient health information (PHI) is essential in all our tools, and CDP fortifies compliance in many ways. By reducing data silos, CDP enhances data accuracy and limits leaks, fostering security for your patient data. By streamlining data storage, validation, and application, you can limit the amount of hands required to pass through, ensuring a higher level of protection. This also increases operational efficiency, contributing to better patient outcomes and a significant uptick in ROI. Learn more about how we ensure strict protection for our customer's data here.

consumer 360

The foundation of our CDP lies in its ability to integrate myriad data sources, offering a consumer 360 view of clinical, financial, behavioral, and engagement data. Leveraging both first-party and third-party data, social determinants of health (SDOH), and Care Gap scores, our CDP provides powerful segmentation capabilities for personalized messaging. This integration of diverse data sources ensures that every aspect of the patient’s journey is informed by a holistic understanding of their needs and behaviors.

The Consumer Data Platform is not just about data collection; it's about creating meaningful, personalized, and consistent patient journeys. By leveraging comprehensive data insights, healthcare marketers can elevate the patient experience, build trust, and drive better care outcomes. Our CDP, with its robust integration capabilities and real-time actionability, empowers healthcare organizations to navigate the complexities of data-driven marketing with ease. Transform patient engagement and deliver the healthcare experiences your patients deserve with the power of CDP.

the intelligent healthcare experience platform (HXP)

With HXP, consumers are at the center of the healthcare experience. Our platform includes tools for everything from market intelligence and data integration to contact center solutions and AI integrations, simplifying the healthcare journey at every step. We believe while healthcare is necessary, the hassle is not.

digital marketing that fuels patient growth and loyalty

The Cured Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP) equips you with pre-built campaigns, strategies, and AI-powered tools to make each patient feel uniquely valued.

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