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things we loved in 2023

best practices

Reflect on our favorite successes and moments of inspiration from 2023 as we step into a new year of healthcare innovation

things we loved in 2023

From creative campaigns to AI, 2023 has been full of exciting new ways to encourage health. Learn how some of our customers’ top performing campaigns became so successful, how we empower marketers to “do more with less,” and the updates to the Cured platform we’re most proud of.

1. the power of AI in marketing

In 2023, the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on marketing reached unprecedented levels, ushering in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. Our platform embraced AI tools, seamlessly integrating them into our product for marketers to harness. The utilization of AI-generated subject lines in our Subject Line Curator resulted in a staggering 32% increase in open rates, showcasing the tangible benefits of AI-powered personalization. Furthermore, the introduction of send time recommendations, driven by machine learning algorithms, saw an impressive 33% uptick in open rates, proving the transformative power of AI in optimizing engagement strategies. For more ideas on applying AI to your marketing initiatives, discover our healthcare marketer’s guide to AI.

2. our favorite email

Among the myriad of successful email campaigns in 2023, one standout achievement was UCHealth's Winter Athlete Campaign. This campaign distinguished itself by strategically applying our propensity scores, an innovative approach to target specific demographics. UCHealth's goal was to build a consumer relationship centered around athletics, driving preference within an audience with a high propensity for their services. The criteria was male and female athletes aged 35-64, defined as any patient with a BMI below 33. The audience was then split into three groups: high propensity, medium propensity, and low propensity. Engagement among the high propensity group was 79% higher than all other groups, illustrating the value of using propensity scores in campaigns to drive remarkable engagement.  

The email’s layout encouraged engagement by including multiple points for interaction, from the video message on winter sport safety to linking back to their “active life” page. The CTA “find a location near you” lowers the barrier to entry for scheduling an appointment, making it a seamless, convenient patient experience. Finally, sending content on winter sports is a smart way to use day-to-day activities to encourage preventative care and let patients know where to go when care is needed.

3. most creative campaign

Creativity took center stage this year, exemplified by PT Solutions’ partner promotion with an NFL team. The nurture series seamlessly blended eye-catching themes with strategic messaging. The four-email outreach series achieved solid engagement, driving PT appointment creation while building brand awareness. This campaign successfully engaged and educated while forging lasting connections with the local community.

Part of the genius of the campaign was offering game-goers a chance to win a jersey if they filled out a form. Anyone who filled it out then received the campaign highlighting PT Solutions’ services while including NFL themes. Compelling calls to action such as "Physical therapy isn't just for the Pros" and featuring the colors of the sponsored NFL team allowed PT Solutions to achieve an outstanding 50% unique open rate. This campaign is a prime example of the power of creative digital marketing initiatives.

4. empowering marketers to “do more with less”

From HMPS to SHSMD there’s been one consistent theme we can’t get away from at events this year - and that’s the concept of “doing more with less.” In an era marked by budget uncertainties, team size constraints, and funding challenges, the imperative to maximize performance with limited resources is more important than ever. This theme emphasized the crucial role of selecting the right technology, particularly in CRM or marketing platforms, for efficient budget allocation and a solid return on investment. For insights into evaluating your marketing platform, check out our thought piece, 5 Signs It's Time to Change Your Marketing Platform.

5. HITRUST certification

Early in the year, we achieved a significant milestone with the proud receipt of our HITRUST certification. This certification illustrates our unwavering commitment to the security of our customers' and their patients' data. With healthcare data breaches on the rise, HITRUST certification is a testament to our dedication to upholding the strictest requirements when handling high-risk data. While obtaining this certification demanded months of extensive effort, we are continuously investing in safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI).

6. watching marketers prove their value

At the heart of the Cured mission is the commitment to bring care full circle, simplifying and accelerating the time to value for healthcare marketers. One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal is the ability to prove the value of marketing efforts through our ROI insights. The latest enhancement precisely depicts marketing's contribution by tracking from a click to an encounter. With pre-configured back-end logic, our platform allows users to select conversion events for tracking, ranging from appointments booked to web forms submitted. We love to provide tools like ROI insights to enable marketers to provide clear evidence of their pivotal role in achieving company goals, driving revenue, and elevating marketing's value within healthcare organizations.

7. seeing one of our core marketing beliefs gain traction

A gratifying moment in 2023 was witnessing a podcast's acknowledgment of one of our core marketing beliefs. Our emphasis on harnessing first-party data for effective marketing, a principle articulated in our early articles, received recognition as the future path for digital marketing. Our goal is to always be a thought leader in the space, and we love to see that the bold stances that have differentiated us are now being echoed by the rest of the industry. We believe strongly in following the data and building something meaningful instead of chasing what’s trendy. To see that some of our earliest marketing principles are now shared in the healthcare landscape is a testament to the intentional work we’ve put into staying ahead of the curve. We will always strive to help healthcare marketers move into the future by equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to gain a competitive edge.

8. year-round marketing inspiration

In our commitment to providing continuous support and inspiration for healthcare marketers, we took great pride in the creation of the Cured calendar. The calendar offers 12 months of healthcare campaign ideas aligned with seasonal dates and themes, reflecting our dedication to healthcare marketing excellence. Comprised of our best, tried-and-true campaigns and insights from customers and internal healthcare experts, the calendar has been a big success in 2023. Stay tuned for the 2024 version coming soon, promising even more innovative and impactful campaign ideas.

In reflecting on the achievements and experiences of this year, we are excited to embark on another year of transformative innovation and collaboration in healthcare marketing. These highlights reinforce our commitment to bringing care full circle and contributing to the success of healthcare organizations. Here's to another year of meaningful connections, impactful campaigns, and the continued evolution of healthcare marketing!

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