best practices

turn data into campaigns that generate revenue

best practices

drive revenue and increase efficiency with your first-party data

turn data into campaigns that generate revenue

Data is the most powerful tool you can leverage as a healthcare digital marketer. When applied correctly, data enables you to tailor your campaigns for higher engagement, save on budget by running the right campaigns, and drive revenue with automated personalization. Through this blog, you will learn crucial steps to harness the power of your data to gain a competitive edge.

1. first-party data is your competitive advantage

First-party data is the most valuable type of data for healthcare marketers to understand and leverage. First-party data is something you already own that can give you the most powerful insights and opportunities for tailored campaigns. This data is the best way to understand the demographics and behaviors of your patient population.

Looking at the first-party data of your patient audience allows you to get to know each patient and identify the best way to personalize the campaigns you send to them. You can do much more to make each patient feel seen than sending a birthday email. For instance, if you have data on a patient's demographics or what types of services they may need, you can market specifically to this, making them feel individually seen and heard. 

The first step to leveraging your first-party data is to allow it to drive segmentation and assign propensity scores. The Cured platform makes segmentation easy by guiding you through this process, with audience demographic data that can be combined with event data to increase relevancy. Our platform also allows you to generate propensity scores powered by machine learning models using your first-party data, which can be easily applied for even more targeted segmentation. Once you know precisely who your audience is and their needs, writing content that will connect with your patients becomes much simpler. 

After segmenting your audience into specific groups, you can target these segments with tailored content that will resonate with them. For example, if one segment is women ages 50+ who have not recently been in for a mammography screening, create a campaign reminding them to schedule this appointment, helping these patients to be proactive about their care. When using PHI for personalization remember to follow all HIPAA guidelines. Using a tool like Cured minimizes this concern because our HITRUST certification allows for PHI to be stored and used directly in the platform, giving you peace of mind while saving time creating personalized campaigns. To learn more about Cured’s certifications, check out our security page.

2. keep your data in one place

Another important step to leveraging your data effectively is storing it in one central location. When your data is all in one place, as opposed to stored in several different customer relationship management (CRM) or email service tools, it becomes much easier to pull the data you need for personalized marketing efforts. Instead of going through several laborious steps or leaning on an IT team, you can simply segment, personalize, and track metrics using your data within one tool. 

The Cured platform allows this all-in-one segmentation, campaign creation, and metric tracking by serving as a centralized hub to store and use your data. This leads to higher-quality data because any updates to your data are streamlined. Changes to contact information, status changes from lead to patient, or new data uploads happen in one place, so data isn’t lost or inaccurate across tools. Finally, having a centralized data repository lets you keep a clear view of your performance and metrics. The Cured platform includes several dashboards dedicated to metric tracking and ROI, so you never lose sight of the value created by your campaigns. 

3. use your data to drive revenue

Data is your most effective tool for driving revenue. When you have clear insight into which campaigns are performing well because data is being tracked and recorded, you will know exactly which campaigns are worth allocating budget to. This will allow you to dedicate time and money to the campaigns that are performing the best. After applying data for insights on campaign performance, take your efficiency further by automating your highest-performing campaigns. For example, if your data shows high appointment conversion from sending annual wellness reminders, set up an automatic campaign that triggers when a patient becomes due for a checkup. For more ideas and strategies surrounding automated campaigns, check out Cured’s comprehensive guide to always-on campaigns

Data also allows you to tailor campaigns so your emails feel more individualized, which drives higher engagement, conversion, and revenue. When coupled with automation, you can create an environment where each patient feels like they’re receiving a custom experience, no matter how large your patient population is. This is ideal for a lean, revenue-generating marketing program. Leveraging our automation and campaign personalization tools, our partners at UCHealth had one campaign result in 1.8X more annual wellness conversions, driving almost 1,000 appointments. This tailored campaign approach will also drive higher member acquisition rates, leading to a spike in revenue. Learn more about how to leverage your data for member activation here.

First-party data is your competitive advantage as a healthcare marketer. You must know how to properly leverage it, including working with a platform that allows you to put it to work. When applied, first-party data enables you to target the right audience with automated, personalized campaigns to see engagement soar. Keeping data all in one place allows you to access, transform, and get ROI reports on your performance without jumping between platforms and tools. Harnessing the power of your data will significantly increase your efficiency and revenue, allowing you to allocate budget correctly and automate instead of increasing headcount. Familiarize yourself with your data, use it to optimize your marketing, and watch your revenue grow.

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