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January 16, 2024

Innovaccer Acquires Cured, Accelerating Growth of the Intelligent Healthcare Experience Platform

Today marks a new chapter in Cured's evolution as we announce our acquisition by Innovaccer. This collaboration has been in the works for several months, and we are thrilled to formally announce that we will be joining forces to accelerate our intelligent Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP) for the future of healthcare.

We’re proud of everything we have achieved in such a short time, from crafting our brand to launching a user-friendly HIPAA-compliant platform that accelerated patient engagement and revenue growth for our customers. As we look ahead, we are just getting started, and there’s so much more to accomplish to create the intelligent care experiences we all need. By joining forces with the Innovaccer team, we have a myriad of new capabilities to advance our platform, including comprehensive customer data, broader experience products, and intelligent solutions like machine learning, generative AI, and predictive analytics.

Our mission at Cured has always been to “bring care full circle.” We believe that while health care is necessary, the hassle is not. There's a massive gap between healthcare organizations and consumers, and we have an opportunity with this partnership to close this disparity and create a seamless healthcare experience for everyone.

"This new partnership with Innovacer provides an incredible opportunity to make an impactful and necessary change in how people experience healthcare."

andrew sawyer – ceo and founder, cured
New chapters can spark uncertainty, but we are confident that this transition will bring new value to our trusted partners and customers. 

We have a unique opportunity to spur significant innovation in the healthcare experience landscape. For too long, healthcare organizations have struggled to customize costly industry-agnostic CRM solutions or make do with limited capabilities offered by EMRs and narrow patient engagement solutions. Our partnership with Innovaccer will accelerate our ability to move the paradigm toward the healthcare experience that consumers need.

Below, we've highlighted a few value-added capabilities available with our partnership with Innovaccer:
  1. Our combined market intelligence tools will allow our customers to track and identify market share across service lines, procedures, and demographics. By coupling offerings, our Healthcare Experience Platform will allow a 360 view of patient and consumer journeys, incorporating digital marketing, call center solutions, and data intelligence.
  2. Innovaccer’s data platform provides over 80 pre-built data and EMR-specific connectors and can unify disparate data into a single, longitudinal consumer and patient record. Innovaccer’s best-in-class abilities to activate healthcare data and make it useful will dramatically speed up time to value for customers.
  3. Adding a CDP (consumer data platform) allows our customers to merge clinical, consumer behavior, and claims data in one spot. This feeds into the 360 view of patients’ and consumers’ healthcare journeys and gives invaluable insights into what campaigns and strategies drive success.
  4. Innovaccer’s contact center solution will enable our customers to integrate digital marketing strategy seamlessly with access center activities and tracking. These products include CTI integration, ticketing workflow, and a robust view of collective data.
With the healthcare consumer at the center of our vision, we are honored and excited to expand upon the robust foundation this partnership provides. As we enter this next stage, we want to extend a big thank you to all Cured ‘avocuredos’ (team members past and present), our investors, and our customers for helping us reach this milestone. We are so grateful. Without your hard work and commitment to our vision, we undoubtedly would not be in this position today.

"Innovaccer is a technology leader in Value-Based Care at the forefront of the healthcare transformation. Combining their expertise in operational efficiency with ours in outreach will allow us to make the healthcare experience of the future available today."

ashmer aslam – cto and founder, cured
While we have ambitious product growth planned, our commitment to our customers and the healthcare consumer is unwavering. You can expect the same dedication to improving your workflows and driving results that accelerate your ability to generate value and impact for your organization. The current Cured platform and features will remain, and we will continue to deliver regular product enhancements and value offerings, as we have since our beginning in 2018.

We are thrilled to collaborate with a team dedicated to healthcare innovation. This partnership will allow us to reach our vision of bringing care full circle and providing a seamless and intelligent healthcare experience substantially faster. Onward!

let’s bring healthcare full circle, together