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redefine the consumer experience, drive efficiency, and deliver ROI all with one AI-powered contact center

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empower agents,
transform consumer experiences

let AI enable self-service, so agents can deliver expertise and empathy

reduce handle times

automate workflows and processes to bring efficient, personalized interactions to patients

resolve calls faster

unify patient data, next-best actions, and appointment booking to deliver one-call resolution that enhances consumer satisfaction

improve satisfaction

remove unnecessary tasks and enhance patient satisfaction through AI smart assistant and a longitudinal view of the patient

maximize ROI

improve agent productivity, reduce the operational burden, and prevent burnout to increase ROI to your organization

accelerate experience in days, not years – we can help


seamless, integrated experience

our Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP) unifies the consumer experience with direct automation between your contact center, digital marketing, and CRM solutions

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trusted AI that takes your service to the next level

leverage AI for smarter, automated patient experiences across voice and digital channels

  • optimize team performance 
  • eliminate documentation burden
  • automate call summaries and reporting
  • book appointments faster
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trusted by healthcare innovators

trusted by leading healthcare organizations to increase revenue and improve patient outcomes

how it works

redefine the patient experience with our AI-powered healthcare contact center

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EHR integration
pre-built, direct EHR integration to deliver patient information for tailored experiences
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CTI & telephony
embedded integrations to unify systems and work from a single place
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consumer 360
patient, lead, and caller data profiles built to deliver personalized experiences
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pre-configured workflows
fast and accurate resolution with streamlined process and documentation
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automated tasks
instant call summaries and next best actions delivered to an agent’s fingertips
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AI that enables self-service and empowers agents to be more efficient

frequently asked questions and answers

What is AI healthcare contact center?

The AI healthcare contact center combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with our core product to enable omnichannel, personalized patient experiences. The solution offers consumers efficient and effective customer support for interacting with healthcare provider organizations.

Why do I need AI in my contact center?

An agent’s primary focus is to provide the utmost service to any caller or consumer. By introducing fully integrated and advanced AI tools, we allow the agent to focus on the conversation and let the product handle documentation, knowledgebase searching, and suggesting solutions to resolve the issue.

How is AI healthcare contact center different from traditional vendors?

Native AI in the contact center allows healthcare organizations to automate routine tasks, increase patient personalization, and achieve resolutions faster. AI prioritizes continuous improvement, learning from each interaction and resolution.

Why is HIPAA compliance important for AI healthcare call centers?

HIPAA compliance is crucial to protecting patient privacy, ensuring data security, and maintaining legal standards for healthcare organizations. A compliant solution prevents data breaches, safeguards the organization’s reputation, and avoids fines, ensuring sensitive health information is handled securely.

How does AI contact center work?

The solution streamlines the patient experience by providing a single view of patient data and automating tasks, workflows, and reporting. The contact center enables agents to handle inquiries, schedule appointments, and manage cases. AI tools can document cases and suggest actions to help agents focus on the most important thing —the relationship with the consumer. Consumers can interact with their healthcare providers through their preferred voice channel.

Why should healthcare contact center be integrated with other marketing tools?

Integrating the contact center with digital tools enhances patient experience, creates end-to-end journeys, and simplifies data management. Unifying the systems provides a cohesive experience, improves data analytics, and optimizes patient communication efforts.

Does the AI healthcare contact center integrate with my EHR?

Yes, the AI healthcare contact center integrates with most EHRs. These integrations enable data consistency and streamline information access, providing efficient workflows and an improved patient experience while remaining compliant.

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