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supercharge the healthcare experience with AI

best practices

surpass the expectations of today's healthcare consumers with the power of AI

supercharge the healthcare experience with AI

what is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a machine’s ability to carry out tasks typically requiring human attention, such as analyzing data and taking actions based on insights learned. AI is a huge competitive advantage in healthcare, as it can enhance human work to increase efficiency and drive better care outcomes.

what you can achieve with AI

In today's competitive healthcare landscape, AI is a crucial differentiator for staying ahead. Implementing AI allows healthcare organizations to deliver personalized consumer experiences, improve operational efficiency, save time and lower costs, and drive significant return on investment (ROI).

personalize consumer experiences

AI can analyze patients' history, lifestyle factors, and engagement data to tailor treatment plans and communications to individual needs. Personalized care approaches using AI improve patient health outcomes and patient retention, all while optimizing resource allocation.

improve operational efficiency

AI tools allow you to streamline repetitive tasks like data syndication and sorting, content generation, and even customer experience through chatbots and virtual assistants. Automated AI tools for appointment scheduling and handling inbound requests can save your healthcare organization significant time and money.

drive ROI

AI automates personalization in healthcare by accurately using data at touchpoints throughout the care journey. Tailored interactions attract and retain more patients, generating higher revenue (Mckinsey).

use AI and stay compliant 

Ensuring the AI tools you incorporate put security and compliance first is essential to protect patient health information (PHI). Make sure whatever AI tool you use does not directly have access to PHI. Additionally, look for healthcare-specific AI tools, like those in our Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP), designed to drive operational efficiency, personalized care journeys, and ROI. 

improve care delivery with AI

Modern patients are seeking digital, personalized, and timely care options. Healthcare organizations can meet this rising demand with AI tools to streamline and personalize the experience. McKinsey estimates a potential $350 billion in savings for healthcare organizations incorporating AI integrations (McKinsey). By leveraging AI for automation, virtual care options, data analysis, and more, providers can enhance every aspect of the patient journey. AI allows healthcare organizations to provide truly personalized care and supply it instantly through automation, chatbots, and virtual assistants. Predictive analytics enhance patient experiences by enabling healthcare organizations to tailor digital touchpoints to patient preferences, from relevant appointment information to optimal send times and favorite communication channels. AI integrations are vital for transforming care delivery and driving improved outcomes for your healthcare organization, from automated workflows and optimized operational processes to content ideation and data validation.

how AI streamlines the healthcare experience

know your audience

Incorporating AI into your growth strategy lets you gain deep insights into your patient audience, ensuring tailored and effective communication. Through advanced data organization techniques, AI empowers your organization to identify trends in patient engagement and demographics, providing invaluable insights for targeted outreach. Utilizing AI propensity scores further enhances your understanding by segmenting your audience based on their likelihood to engage or respond.

This targeted approach ensures patients receive relevant communication about their unique journey, leading to better engagement and outcomes. By leveraging AI to personalize outreach efforts, your organization can maximize the impact of your initiatives, fostering stronger connections with patients and driving improved healthcare outcomes.

connect with patients

Creating meaningful connections with patients is essential for fostering engagement and achieving better healthcare outcomes. AI tools are pivotal in facilitating this connection by personalizing subject lines, content, send times, and more. By leveraging AI, healthcare providers can process past patient preferences and their position in their care journey to craft messaging that resonates on a deeper level. Additionally, AI enables adaptable content that engages patients across various clinical knowledge or reading comprehension levels, breaking down complex medical jargon into easily understandable language.

The use of AI not only saves time for providers but also promotes increased patient comprehension, involvement, and commitment to their care plans, ultimately leading to better outcomes. AI can translate multiple languages, ensuring patients receive care plans in their native languages. Language translation enhances patient comprehension, improves outcomes by removing barriers, and fosters better communication between patients and healthcare providers. Through AI-driven personalized campaigns and communication strategies, healthcare organizations can strengthen their connections with patients and enhance the quality of care delivery.

create seamless touchpoints

Ensuring smooth transitions throughout the care journey enhances the patient experience. With AI-driven, automated workflows, healthcare organizations can minimize friction in care delivery by swiftly connecting patients to the next step in their journey. This includes utilizing contact center automation for first-call resolution and deploying automated campaigns tailored to the specific stage of the patient journey. By leveraging AI, these automated touchpoints create higher engagement and foster positive patient experiences, ultimately improving satisfaction and better outcomes.

shorten time to value

Accelerate value delivery to patients by applying AI for efficient triaging and proactive outreach responses regarding care. Many healthcare organizations face challenges addressing all their inbound and outbound requests, but AI offers a streamlined solution to minimize lift while shortening time to value for patients. Through automated replies, AI addresses the volume of inquiries and ensures consistency and accuracy in communication to establish a good foundation with new patients. Build trust, improve inbound and outbound response times, and drive ROI for your healthcare organization with AI tools.

minimize administrative burden

Data validation plays a crucial role in minimizing manual effort within healthcare organizations. In a recent study by McKinsey, nearly a quarter of US national health expenditure is allocated to administrative costs, showing a pressing need for solutions to streamline these processes. The analysis concluded that through AI interventions, healthcare organizations could reduce administrative costs by about 18 percent (McKinsey). Implementing AI automation for mundane tasks, like data validation and sorting, can help healthcare organizations reduce administrative burdens while improving efficiency and ultimately empowering employees to do more meaningful work. 

Campaign ideation and execution are two more operational lifts that AI-powered tools can carry out. Using AI for content saves countless hours while still maintaining quality and accuracy. AI significantly decreases operational burden by automating responses to inbound requests for appointment scheduling, complaints, billing, and other administrative tasks. This automation allows healthcare organizations to redirect their focus and resources toward providing quality care to patients, ultimately improving overall efficiency and patient satisfaction.

optimize patient access

AI revolutionizes how patients identify and access the most appropriate and convenient care tailored to their evolving needs. By harnessing AI-driven technologies, healthcare organizations can create 360 consumer profiles, propensity scoring, and risk models to pinpoint the specific care needs of each patient, empowering both patients and providers to prioritize preventative care. Using AI for automation allows healthcare organizations to establish an "always-on" care environment, ensuring patients remain engaged and supported without falling through the cracks of the traditional reactive healthcare system.

This proactive approach prevents high-value patients from missing out on preventative care options and mitigates the risk of worsening overall health status or unnecessary healthcare utilization. By implementing an "always-on" strategy powered by AI, healthcare organizations can effectively monitor and address patient needs in real time, fostering continuous engagement and proactive intervention when necessary.

how AI powers HXP

Throughout our Healthcare Experience Platform, AI-driven enhancements enable every step of the patient journey. Contact centers are often the last mile of engagement for a new or returning patient, so it’s one of the first places AI-powered automation jumps into action. Our contact center workflows streamline the request process, showcasing the holistic consumer 360 views for agents to ensure inquiries are swiftly addressed in a personalized manner to achieve high first-call resolution. Relevant next-best actions, suggested by AI, help steer agents to the right solution, minimizing steps and clicks to book an appointment, resolve a grievance, complete post-discharge follow-ups, or schedule a cross-sell or upsell service. Innovaccer’s Sara for contact center integrates AI to monitor conversations, provide agents with optimal responses, and automate documentation. The power of AI in early patient engagement significantly reduces time to value, efficiently connecting patients to care.

Following this, automated digital touchpoints come into play through omnichannel outreach (e.g. email and SMS) on HXP’s digital marketing platform. Send time and subject line recommendations optimized emails with AI-generated patient preferences. AI analyzes patient data through sophisticated algorithms to determine the most effective communication approach, ensuring relevance and engagement. Using these tools, our partners have achieved a 33% increase in email engagement with the AI-suggested send times and a 32% higher open rate with AI-generated subject lines. 

Patients who schedule appointments receive personalized auto-responder emails triggered by form fills, courtesy of AI-driven automation. Our partners at HonorHealth utilized our autoresponder, resulting in an impressive 60% open rate and 11% click-through rate, 30 percentage points above the industry average. Propensity scoring harnesses the power of AI for further targeted segmentation in campaigns. UCHealth's campaign leveraging propensity scores witnessed a remarkable 79% increase in engagement among high-propensity patients compared to an unscored control group. AI-driven insights enable your healthcare organization to tailor campaigns to specific patient segments, maximizing results.

All pertinent data, including appointment details, engagement preferences, and third-party demographic information, is collected and stored compliantly in the Consumer Data Platform (CDP). AI algorithms validate, organize, and apply this data for engagement, ensuring patient interaction accuracy, relevance, and personalization. This data is seamlessly integrated with AI into a consumer 360 view, informing each step of the care journey with the correct information for tailored patient experiences. Through each step of the patient journey, AI-driven enhancements within HXP streamline processes, personalize interactions, and optimize patient engagement, improving care outcomes and driving ROI.

Harnessing AI's power is required to differentiate your healthcare organization in a competitive market. Through AI-driven solutions, growth opportunities become limitless, with automated tasks and correct data applications driving shorter time to value. AI tools’ ability to automate personalization creates the standout patient experience that modern consumers demand, enabling providers to cater care delivery precisely to individual patient needs and preferences. Additionally, AI optimizes operational efficiency by minimizing administrative burden, seamlessly executing data validation and integration, and creating content. AI empowers healthcare organizations to meet and surpass the expectations of today's healthcare consumers, creating standout care outcomes and patient experiences.

the healthcare experience platform (HXP)

We are proud to introduce the intelligent Halthcare Experience Platform (HXP) designed with healthcare consumers at the center. The solution for every step of the patient journey, the HXP is more than a CRM. Our platform includes tools for everything from market intelligence and data integration to contact center solutions and AI integrations, simplifying the healthcare journey at every step. While health care is necessary, the hassle is not. Learn more about our recent partnership with Innovaccer and the future of our healthcare experience platform here. 

fuel patient growth and loyalty with HXP

The Cured Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP) equips you with pre-built campaigns, growth strategies, data integration, and tools like Consumer 360 to make each patient feel uniquely valued.

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